My life in Numbers

Good Morning!

A random subject I thought about blogging about was numbers. We live our lives by numbers…
• How many syns/points have I had?
• How much do I weigh?
• What time do I need to leave?
• Which hair dryer temperature do I set?
• How much is it to fill my petrol tank?
• What number bus do I need?
• What dress size am I now?
• If I eat one more bar of chocolate, would that make me a piggy?

And as much as I (sort of) fit some of these into my daily life, I couldn’t help but think there must be fun numbers too?

Me? Well, I constantly clock watch to make sure I keep to Luke’s routine. And I have to count the number of scoops I add of his formula milk. And I have to measure the temperature of his bath, his food, count to make sure he still has 2 socks when we get home…Luke revolves around numbers!

So as he is asleep, I am trying to work out which numbers I have in my life, and thought I would share them all with you!

I have 49 pairs of socks…way too many for the average human being would need in a lifetime…and all of them are odd pairs! I don’t do matching pairs of socks! At all! And I haven’t worn a matching pair since I was 13.

Steve and I own 613 DVDs – And that’s not including box sets, documentaries, stand ups or DVDs we have allowed friends or family to borrow. Steve and I wonder why it’s so hard to choose a film to watch – cant imagine!

I have met 6 Famous people – And this is ‘properly’ met, not randomly saw walking on the other side of the road. I have spoken to all of the people I have met;
• Jason Donovan – after a performance of Joseph, and I got his autograph.
• Chris Marshall – BT adverts and Nick from the comedy My Family…he was stood behind me in a queue for a nightclub in Windsor. I did the polite thing and let him go in first! He said thanks!
• Bill Bailey – My most amazing claim to fame, I took Steve to see Bill’s stand up comedy tour and we met him backstage after the show. Great guy, down to earth…awesome!
• Mega City Four – Huge band in the early 90s, I was personal friends with the bass player, and now related to the drummer! Awesome!
• Tom Chilton – former British Touring Car Championship driver – Open pit lane at a BTCC meet at Brands Hatch. Such a hottie! I believe I cried after I met him, and shook like a leaf! I was 25…get a grip woman!
• Roger Black – for those who dont remember, Rog was famous for winning gold medals in the 400m sprint and the 4x400m relay? No? Well, he came to our school to talk to us during our PE lesson about health and fitness and then we played basketball. Yeah, stick to the running sir!

I saw Titanic at the cinema 11 times – and I cried every time! Such a loser! In fact, the first time I ever saw it in the cinema, I was in tears in the first 5 minutes…at the underwater footage…grow a pair woman!

138 Books I’ve read in their entirety – a very embarrassing and disappointing number here – I am 29 and would love to read more. But now especially, it’s very hard to find the time. I start to read some books, but put them down and either don’t pick them back up again, or lose them completely. (I refer here to The Hunger Games, which has actually removed itself from existence!) I also tried reading Stephen King’s It…but due to my huge phobia of clowns, I had to bury that one in the freezer! I’m catagorised as a ‘holiday reader’ so if I’m on a beach, I’ll plough through a book. I love Tess Gerritsen and Simon Beckett. Murder, mystery and suspence. (only in a book, NEVER in a film. Hate horror films!)
My mum is a massive reader. My life time amount of books is the same amount she read last year!

I’m up to level 68 on Candy Crush – and I detest this game! It’s driving me insane. I took me a little over 8 weeks to do level 37…GAH!

I have 132 Facebook friends – Remember when people used to ‘collect’ Facebook friends? Some people had over 1,000 friends to show they were popular? I used to be one of these people, but I only ever got to 284. So after a huge cull of people, I got it down to 132…which are people I actually communicate with! Mainly family, and a few of my YouTube buddies. But I’m not a collector anymore.

I own 31 Nail varnishes – a poor attempt for a collection. But now I finally have nails I can paint, I shall try to boost my collection up some more. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated…I need inspiration! I mainly go for pinks and nudes, but I may try to push the boat out slightly, if I feel brave enough…I’m such a wimp really.

482 Posts on Instagram – follow me if you aren’t already…HarrietR1984 I post regularly…looking through them, they are mainly of my baby boy, food and things I have purchased. I’m currently doing the August Photo Challenge, which has been really fun. But I like to Instagram on a daily basis. Please come and say hi!

6,675 Tweets sent on Twitter – Again, I tweet alot! Would you like to keep in touch? Follow me on @HarrietR1984 (see the creativity in my Twitter name there?) I like to keep in touch with people, especially now I’m not making videos anymore. So I tweet a lot…even if I have nothing to tweet about!

There are 312 Songs currently on my iPod – I love music. I live to my own soundtrack. But at the moment, I am heavily addicted to Ludovico Einaudi (an incredibly talented Italian Pianist), Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Linkin Park. (opposite ends of the scale there!) but if I’m not listening to my IPod, i’m listening to my Spotify playlist (which is packed with tunes, mainly from the 80s!) I listen to anything and everything!

I currently have 8 pound coins in my purse – which is a lot for me! I don’t usually have cash. But this won’t last long – its been a while since I’ve had a mars bar!

7 Times I’ve been abroad – I’ve been to France, Germany, Florida, New York, Estonia, Portugal and Mauritius. I would love to travel more. My parents have visited most of the islands in the Meditteranean, and Steve’s parents are slowly visiting every country on the planet – they have just returned from an African safari…they are very well travelled, and I am incredibly jealous!

So there you go – don’t live life by numbers, unless they are FUN!!

Thanks for reading – have a great day!

Love Harriet xxx


My Favorite Things

Well peeps, its Wednesday! Yes, that’s right! Half way through the week. Whether you are working, at school, retired, stay at home parent, off sick…whoever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful week so far (Unless you are one of the sick ones, then I really hope you are resting, drinking plenty and feeling better!)

So far, this week has been ever so productive for me. I have managed to start ‘The Spring Clean’ and have so far completely completed the bathroom and our bedroom. (We actually have carpet in our room!)
No more using the floordrobe as a means of displaying clothes! I feel really proud of myself for knuckling under and getting it done. It’s definitely been a long time coming!

As its mid-week, I have decided to blog about the beauty products I am in love with! I attempted to do monthly favorites whilst I was doing YouTube videos, but I missed so many months, so instead, I turned to beauty raves. This is what this is! I hope you enjoy reading it!!

So first off, we’ll talk about hair. May as well start at the top and work down!


At the moment, I am loving the Tresseme Salon Silk range. I picked up 2 of the 900ml bottles from Tesco, for £2 a bottle in a huge sale. They usually retail for £4.99 each. I like to change my hair products from week to week, so I rotate my shampoos. But so far, I am on my 2nd week of using these.
They contain Argan Oil, Vitamin H and silk proteins to leave hair ‘smooth and salon soft’.
Now, I’m very lazy and don’t get my hair cut as much as I should. I go to the salon every 9-12 months, which I’m quite embarrassed about. But as you can imagine, with a baby, it’s hard to find the time.
So, I am loving the fact I can have soft hair, from the salon, without leaving the house!
This shampoo and conditioner do exactly what they say on the tin (well, bottle…) my hair is manageable, smells lovely, it feels stronger and looks shinier. Basically, everything I want from a shampoo. I usually don’t fall for the hype and boast of amazing hair, but this particular Tresseme, definitely delvers. Thumbs up from me!

The other 2 products are spray and leave in conditioners. The Pantene Pro V was from the pound store and the L’Oreal Elvive Reinforcing Treatment was from Superdrug, retailing for £2.49. I love these products! I literally spray them into my hair after washing and leave them to do their thing!
The Pantene Instant Nourishing Spray is a duo of products, which you shake to combine and then spray them onto the hair. The end result is very soft and shiny hair, with a gorgeous scent. There are tiny gold flecks in the spray which sit on top of the hair and really amplify the shine. Wonderful product!
The L’Oreal Elvive Reinforcing Treatment is equally as amazing, and works in the same way. Just spray and leave! I believe I got this product on an introductory offer when it was first released onto the shelves, so I cannot say if the price is still as amazing. What I can tell you though, is you need this product in your life! It’s amazing!
I use it when I have finished in the shower, and then reapply it every night before bed. The result in the morning is a feeling of freshly washed hair. It’s a truly amazing spray, which I take everywhere with me. It has a wonderful nozzle for easy root application too, so the nourishment goes from root to tip. Perfect!

The make-up products have pretty much been my daily facial products for the last month. I adore them.


Trying to get myself ready in the mornings, with a 7 month old is challenging enough, without adding in a make-up routine too. I like to be ready every day by 9am at the latest. (In case the postman arrives, or I quickly need to pop out…I’m ready to go.)
So these products have been so easy to chuck on, I can actually get my make-up done in 10 minutes flat now. (Though don’t tell Steve!)
The beauty with mousse foundations is you don’t need a finishing powder, so that’s one step down already. The coverage is amazing, so most of the time, I don’t need a concealer. (But I have included a concealer in my favourites, because I can tell you, it’s amazing!)
I am literally throwing on some light eye shadows, for a more natural look, but finishing the eye off with a more prominent and stand out eye liner. Here, I have Urban Decay’s 24 Hour Liner in Rockstar, and 2 from Avon. The Super Shock Liner in Black, and the Glimmer Stick liner in Moonlit Brown. Love!


My looks are mainly finished off with a lip liner and filled with the same pencil. I purchased the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains for my birthday, and have been in love with them since then. Here, I have Crush (the dark, plum shade) and Honey (the baby pink shade)


I don’t have too many products to share, as I haven’t had a lot of time to try many out. But these have been my go to products for so long, I had to share them.

I hope this blog has been useful, maybe there are some products you would be interested in trying. Give me a shout if you want a product gone into in more detail!

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading this! It means so much to me!

Have a great day,
Love Harriet xxx


Lazy Saturday

Good evening!

So I’m laying in bed (wide awake as I’ve just watched Demolition Man, awesome!!!) and thought I would type a few lines on my iPhone as I’ve stupidly forgotten my laptop! Doh!

So what have you fine people been doing on your Saturday?
I always think Saturday to be the best day of the week. It’s lazy, it’s relaxing and it’s 1 of 2 days off!
Of corse, with me being on maternity leave, I have quite a few days off!!

We popped out this morning to choose Steve’s birthday present from his parents. He’s decided he wants a power saw…because man need tools!

Our little man has been thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents, who went to Primark and got him some more clothes. Seriously, this 7 month old not has more clothes than me!

I always find the clothes in Primark to be amazing, especially for kiddies. They grow so quickly, and body shape change continuously, so I think it’s better to buy clothes cheaper.
Coming from a child caring back ground, I know how easily clothes can get damaged, dirty and worn. So cheap is key!

Even though Luke is only 7 months old, he is comfortably in 9-12 month clothes as he is pretty big! His trousers are still a little loose, but the shirts are a perfect fit!

I’m sorry to be so….blah….for this post. I know it’s short and pointless, but rest assured I will have a longer blog for you on Monday. Any requests? Feel free to send them to me via here, or Tweet me!!

Have a great day my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to!

Fancy leaving me a comment?! Go on, it’ll make me so happy!!

Love Harriet xxx

These are the gifts from Lukes grandparents!! They are amazing!



The Throwback Tag

I seriously struggled to think of a blog post. I didn’t think I would get ‘blog block’ so soon into it.

I wanted to another blog about beauty and cosmetics, one of the things I ‘specialised’ in when on YouTube.

However, an amazing friend of mine, Eilidh, recently put up a video onto her YouTube channel about her childhood and I thought this would make a fab post, as it helps you get to know me a little better!

 So, this is the Throwback Tag! (Give or take a few questions!)


 In which year were you born? I was born in 1984, making me the grand old age of 29! I was 2 days early, and my mum endured a 31 hour labour! Sorry mum! 

Do you have any photos of yourself from when you were younger? I do, embarrassingly, but I am no way scared to share them with you!! Here I am when I was about 5 months old. Check out those socks!! Lots of people have looked at this photo and compared me to Luke! I love that!!



Which TV shows did you grow up watching?  I was a big fan of Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Moon Dreamers, My Little Pony, Tom and Jerry, Care Bears, Popples, Sylvanian Families, Count Duckula, SuperTed, and Thunder Cats (as you do!) I loved anything, although especially LOVED art programmes, like Art Attack, Tony Hart and Rolf Harris’ Cartoon Time. My mum said I used to dance to the Neighbours theme too, although I didn’t watch it!


What did you want to be when you grew up? As the photo would suggest, I wanted to follow in my mums footsteps and become a nurse. She has been in the nursing profession for more than 35 years, and I was always interested in it. I used to go to work with her with I was small and talk to the patients. My mum used to work with the elderly who suffered with severe amnesia, so I found my mum to be a huge inspiration.


What were your favourite toys to play with? I loved my rainbow bunny, Buster, my Popo Pat (I couldn’t say Postman!) and Katy, my beloved doll and ‘daughter’. She went everywhere with me, and when I went to school, I used to pretend to drop her off at nursery, which apparently made it easier for me to part with her! Below is a photo of me and my Katy! I loved that doll!


What is the most embarrassing thing you remember doing? My granddad used to own an allotment, and he came over to me with muddy hands and waved them in front of my face. Instead of laughing (like any normal child would have probably done) I turned to my granddad and told him to “Pi** off”. Still haven’t lived that one down!


Three songs you loved listening to as a child? My mum and dad used to listen to lots of amazing 80s tracks when I was younger, so the house was always filled with music. The likes of Duran Duran, ABC, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Boney M, Wham, Culture Club…Sounds like a perfect wedding reception line up! So there aren’t 3 in particular I used to like. The 80’s was the best era for music.


What was a funny thing you dressed up as when you were younger? I did a lot of dressing up for various charity events when I was younger. I’ve been Madame Butterfly for an Ugly Bug Ball, a nurse, Harriet the Spy for a Murder Mystery evening (original!) and then there was the clown for a carnival. Ironically, I hate clowns! I get too shy to dress up now, but I loved it then!



Are there any special things you have kept from your childhood? I try to keep a lot of things from my childhood and school. Memories to look back on. A few are below. I have a big box full of memories. I occasionally get teary when I think back to the days gone by, family we’ve lost…but the memories help me remember the good times. Being a child seems like a million years ago!





What was something weird you used to do as a child? I used to talk to myself – and answer myself too. Being an only child, I didn’t have many friends, so I made friends with myself! I also used to have house parties in my room with my teddies…hmm…and I also used to bury my toys to play treasure hunters…But I occasionally couldn’t find them again. Somewhere in the back garden is a little mermaid and a plastic gerbil!


I hope this was a good read for you. I love going back in time and revisiting the old days. Hopefully this post will make you understand me more, I’m a crazy cookie!!

 Thanks for reading guys! I’d love to know a bit about your childhoods! And thanks to the wonderful Eilidh for the inspiration for this tag!!

Check out her YouTube channel by searching for Curlybobofelia!
Love Harriet xxx








So yesterday I uploaded a blog, looking at the Dainty Doll products I purchased from Pound Land. (If you haven’t read it, please go over and have a look-see!)

Anyway, I also purchased some other bits and bobs, as I find it physically impossible to not spend a small fortune every time I go in!
As well as the big bags of sweets and Weight Watchers crisps (oh, the irony), I also picked up a few other extras, which I’ll share with you now!


So first up are 2 Milani Bronzers.
Milani is a US based company, and these bronzers retail at $9.99 (which works out at roughly £6.44)
So, imagine how happy I was so scoop 2 bronzers up for £2!
The bronzers are accompanied by another shade, here pink and orange, which helps to create a more sun kissed look.

The only thing I didn’t like about these products was the lack of pigmentation. I expected a higher colour pay off, and although there is colour there, it’s a fine line between beach bronzed and burnt lobster. It’s very tricky to apply just the right amount.
Other than that, these are amazing products, a decent size and fabulously priced. They are worth getting if you have the time to apply the perfect amount for your skin tone.



Moving onto the next products I was thrilled to see…O.P.I!
Now, I have bitten my nails since I have had teeth. I have always had stubs, never nails. And sometimes (disgusting I know) I would bite them low enough to make my fingers bleed.
But then, being pregnant helped my nails grow, and I have really loved them.
Once I had Luke, I embarrassingly went back to nail biting again, until Steve made me promise not to bite them again.
So I haven’t.
That was 6 weeks ago…ish…and I haven’t missed biting them. It’s always a hard habit to break.

Totally off point here…

So, I found O.P.I in Pound Land, and I was instantly hooked. The 2 polishes I have are both shatter polishes, so I need to find a complimenting colour to go with them. (Envisioning another shopping trip here!)
I have done some research, and again, O.P.I is a US based company. Their shatter polishes retail for around £11. Great spot by me there! I purchased Black Shatter and Super Bass Shatter (which is from the Nikki Minaj line)
I cannot wait to try these – I was very happy to find that the UK sell Sinful Colors, so now I can purchase O.P.I too, the sky is the limit!!
Although, I must remember I only have 10 nails, so I don’t need a million nail varnishes…I am of coarse kidding, I blatantly do!

Next on my list of amazing finds is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail varnish and the Sue Moxley Famous Movie star Mascara.

The Sally Hansen nail collection has always been one that has enticed me, but I have heard so many mixed reviews. A couple of people I know swear it is an amazing company, whereas others tell me to stay away.

Whilst staying with my parents a few weeks ago, I decided to pop into Pound Land to get a nail varnish. I wasn’t looking for any in particular. Just a light, neutral shade that would look ok on short, but growing, nails.
So I found Sally Hansen. I thought it was a lovely light shade, and the colour looked great, considering it is grey. It is called ‘Wet Cement’…yup, a huge turn off. But the colour held and didn’t chip like I thought it would. It smudged slightly, but I’m out of practice at applying nail polish…having never had nails to practice on in the first place!

The Sue Moxley mascara was more an impulse buy, I fell in love with the packaging! It’s so slick. I cannot yet give my opinion on the product itself, as I am yet to try it. But if it lives up to its reputation, I should be impressed.
I purchased it in brown too, to make it easier to create more natural looks.



Lastly, hair care and make up wipes…have you ever known anyone to buy 6 packs of makeup wipes at one time? Well, honey, you do now!!
I am an impulse buyer…I will never go into a shop and buy 1 item. It has to be 4 or 10…never just 1. But Pound Land always has an amazing offer, where you can get 2 packets of makeup remover wipes for £1. Who can pass up that deal!?
The hair care stuff is mainly as a backup, in case in some freak accident, I lose all 14 bottles of shampoo I have in my bathroom. Should this happen, I’m set!
I haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioner yet, but fingers crossed I am impressed, as I usually am quite happy with Pantene.
The other things are deodorant, so I don’t smell, and the Clearasil Overnight Serum, which makes the yucky spots go away – but Ill upload a review blog on that product another time!

What did you buy the last time you went shopping? I’d love to know!

See you next time,
Harriet xxx


Lets Open August’s Glossy Box!

If you followed me on my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I used to be a subscriber of Glossy Box. But January 2012 made me stop after I received a few boxes that I wasn’t overly impressed with.
However, watching other people’s videos over the past 12 months has made me miss it! So last month I gave in and re-subscribed!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Glossy Box thing, here is a quick rundown.
Glossy Box is a subscription service, costing £10 a month, plus £2.95 P&P.
Every month, a beautiful box appears on your doorstep and inside is a box with 5 luxury samples or full sized beauty products.
These products are aimed around a theme. This month was ‘High Flyers’, so the contents of the box were for gals on the go, with products from countries around the world.

The box is gorgeously wrapped in black paper, tied with a pale pink ribbon and sealed with the Glossy Box logo sticker. The attention to detail always impresses me!

The contents of my box are shown below.

Contents of my Glossy Box

On first impressions, I was really happy with the products I had received. It’s always nice to try products by other companies that aren’t readily or easily available in the UK.

So let’s look in more detail at each of the products.

First, the Tresemme Platinum Strength Concentrated Treatment Shot. Retailing at £1.49, this full sized product is a welcome addition to my hair regime! I am always on the look-out for products that will make my hair look more healthy or shiny. So when I saw this, I was really excited to try it. I normally use the VO5 Hot Oils, but find them to be a little greasy, even after rinsing. So, I shall let you know if I am Tress-amazed…see what I did there?!

Next, the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream. Now let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. And being a mummy with restless nights can take its toll on my skin. So, I am equally as excited to try this to see if it restores my face back to 29, not 129! I have never used any of the Olay products; I consider them to be a high end, luxury product. Usually the product you only give a relative for Christmas. But I am looking forward to trying this to see if I like it!


The next product I pulled out of the box was the Jelly Pong Pong Shadow/Liner Crayon. Retailing at £10.50, this again is another full sized product. (By looking at the prices, 2 of the 5 products cost £11.99, so I am a £1 off of breaking even with the price of the box!)
Now make up is a huge part of my life, a big obsession. I was ecstatic to see this in my Glossy Box! A new makeup product to try, which excites me like a bunny at Easter.
I have never tried anything by Jelly Pong Pong, so I’m very much looking forward to playing about. Steve & I had a bicker about the colour. I think it’s a very dark green, he thinks it’s black. What do you think? Either way, it’s awesome, and I’m looking forward to trying some looks with it.

Next, is the Emite Eyelash curler. Now, I’m a bad girl, and I don’t curl my lashes. Nor do I pluck my eyebrows, but products like this, always interest me.
I know me, I know what I’m like…I’ll use this for a few weeks, and it will disappear into my makeup drawer like everything else. Now, I may continue to use this, for the pure fact it costs £20! Now, I think that’s a little much for an eyelash curler, but the price has more than made up for the £12.95 the box cost me to begin with. Nice one Glossy Box, you have my upmost praise!

The last product in this month’s Glossy Box is the Oceane Makeup Remover Pen. This baby doesn’t have a retail price, as it is not yet available in the UK. This impresses me a lot, as I love trying products that aren’t here yet.
I tried finding a RRP, but the website is in Portuguese, and unfortunately, that isn’t a language I understand. (If any of you know Portuguese, please pop into the website and tell me what it says! I’m so uncultured!)

As you can see from the photo below, the pen is awesome. It cut straight through the liner and removed it completely. I am impressed with this, and am looking forward to removing the random bits of mascara I tend to find on the side of my nose, or above my eyebrows! (How it gets there, I have no idea!)
It is supplied with 3 refill nibs too, which to me is an added bonus!

So there we have it, a little look into the August Glossy Box.
I’m interested to know if any of you do Glossy Box, and if so, what products did you receive and what did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

Harriet xxx


Dainty Doll Eyehadows

Good afternoon!
What a horrible day it has been – its been raining here.
And its been that annoying type of rain. You know the type, the poor excuse for rain, that is more like a fine mist than a downpour! Come on rain, if you’re going to do it, do it properly!
Its definitely been a ‘tea and fluffy socks’ day. I even put the heating on this morning! Come on August…sort it out!

Anyway, the point of this blog is to talk about some beauty bits I have been purchasing lately. (I couldn’t have a blog and not talk about beauty things! It just wouldn’t be right!)

As those of you who know me will already know, I am a huge bargain hunter. And if I find one that I can’t pass up, I normally end up getting it in every colour.
So imagine my absolute JOY when I went into my parents local Poundland and found these beauties!

Dainty Doll Shadows and Swatches

Yes, this is Dainty Doll, the make-up line created by Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts!
I was so excited to try these, so I scooped up all 5!
I unfortunately couldn’t find a retail price on the Dainty Doll website, so after some Googling, I found that these eye shadows can sell from £1.99 to £14.00 on some online stores. So even more excitement that I found them for 100 English pennies!

The colours are bright, bold and exciting, and as you can see from the swatches, they have a very impressive pigmentation and colour pay off! (I’m not overly sure when Ill wear the yellow one, but time will tell!)
The packaging is sleek and stylish. I wouldn’t mind receiving these as a gift!
The pans themselves do not have the name of the product printed on them, which I find to be a drawback, as when I want to use one, I have to open them all to see the colours – a huge bug in the beauty community, I know!
However, that is a small and insignificant drawback, when compared to the quality of the product. The eye shadows themselves are easy to apply, very smooth and non-creasing. The colours are bright and fun, and can be layered to create a dramatic or soft look, depending on your personal preference!

Sorry, how rude of me! I haven’t said colour names!! Whoops! (And I’m going left to right here)

003 Teach Me Tiger – Pearl rose-gold
001 Are You Experienced – Matte brown
008 – Jungle – Emerald green
006 – Kingston Town – A bright and vibrant yellow
004 – Copacabana – A bright blue

I feel these were an absolute steal at only £1 each – if you can visit a Poundland and get your hands on these babies, I would strongly advise it! They are amazing!
A very impressed and happy shopper right here!

Have you tried any of the Dainty Doll line?
What are your thoughts?

Harriet xxx