My weekend Haul

In the true Harriet1984 tradition, I am here today with a haul. I went shopping with my mum, and I went a little crazy on things for my cheeky little man.

Luke is now 8 months old, and is easily fitting into 12month old clothes. Finding clothes for him is proving to be a nightmare. But, I was determined to find a few things that would benefit him in the Autumn, and into the Winter.

So the first place we went to was good old Primark, I have noticed people adding photos of bargains they had picked up, and I wanted to jump on that band wagon!



I grabbed a couple of shirts with long sleeves, and as my boy loves Mickey Mouse, I grabbed this shirt for £4. The Elmo shirt was a £1, along with the Little Guy, Big Attitude shirt. The long sleeved white shirt was a present from Nanny (my mum) who loves getting Luke things whenever she goes out!

Primark was its usual heaving self, so we quickly left to visit TKMaxx, which is another shop I love t pick up a bargain in.
I dont live anywhere near any of these stores, so I was very keen to jump in with the other bargain hunters to see what I could pick up!



All of these things for Luke came to £16, which is amazing.

Luke loves Disney channel, and we spend a lot of time snuggled on the sofa watching Mickey, Jake and Doc McStuffins. So when I spotted this book, I had to grab it! We looked at it before bedtime last night, and Luke was smiling at the pages. So for £4, I was impressed, as this book will keep him going for a few years yet!
The Mickey Mouse book I was semi-unimpressed with, due to the fact it is a ‘teach me drawing’ book, which Luke is obviously not ready for! But he loves looking at Mickey, and even gave the book kisses, so even if I put the book away for a little while until hes ready, this £3 bargain was definitely worth it!

When Luke had a doctors appointment last month, he was absolutely obsessed with the bead maze int he waiting room. I know that bead mazes are fabulous for fine motor skills, but Luke just likes to tip this maze upside down and lick the bottom of it! He’ll get used to it eventually! Still, another bargain at only £6!
The £3 zebra toy is awesome – it has a rattle, bells, beads, scrunchy things and its soft and durable, with an attachment to take it out and about. Luke loves exploring this toy, so I’m glad I picked it up! He has been playing with it for most of the weekend, so he seems to be happy with his new things! This also equals a very happy mummy!

Of corse, a weekend shopping wouldn’t be anything if I hadn’t have purchased a few little things for myself!

The Lauren Luke palette was an absolute steal at £5.99 – RRP of £25!
I have been huge fan of Lauren’s since I began watching her on YouTube. She is one of the most friendliest and down to earth people I have watched, and was very proud of her when she announced that she had started her own make up line! I was really excited to get my hands on this palette – I will upload a separate review on this palette of anyone would be interested! (Just leave me a comment below!)
The palette is in ‘Sultry Blues’ which is completely out of my comfort zone as I love neutrals, but i have worn this palette and the colours are phenominal! Very Happy Panda!

I also took a little trip to Boots to have a look at their beauty stuff – a favorite past time of mine!
I was very excited to pick up the Real Techniques Cosmetic Sponge – I LOVE the Real Techniques brushes and I cannot wait to try this one out!
The Baby Lips are added to my every growing collection – I was so excited to hear they were coming to the UK, so on this shopping trip, I picked up the Hydrate Balm and the Pink Punch. I now have 3 of the UK releases….3 down, 3 to go!

And I got myself a new nail color – the Maybelline Colot Show varnish in Burgundy Kiss. Its a beautiful color, and I would have posted a photo of my nails, but I am still a novice when it comes to painting my nails. It looks like Luke did them!

Have you brought anything lately? What did you get?

Love Harriet xxx



Harry Potter Studio Tour

The 31st of August was, in a word, amazing.

Now I have never been one to get so excited about a film. Harry Potter, took the world by storm, when J K Rowling sat on a delayed train and imagined a boy who went to a school to learn how to learn about magic.
I saw these amazing films at the cinema, and for the first time in a long time, I found myself getting excited about the next installment. What was going to happen? Would Harry finally defeat Voldermort? Who was the half blood prince? When were Ron and Hermione FINALLY going to just admit the fact they liked each other?

For Christmas last year, I got my mum and dad tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. She is a huge Potter fan, and this made her year!
When she had finished her tour, she got tickets for myself and Steve. She absolutely loved it, and said we had to experience it for ourselves.
We went with Steve’s sister, her husband and best friend. So there we were, 5 adult/children in the car, getting more and more excited about what we were going to see.

I am not here to spoil the day for anyone else. As cliche as it sounds, you really have to experience the magic for yourself. And while I have put photos on Facebook, I haven’t posted any photos that may give the game away. 

All I can say, is after seeing the amazing work that went into those films, I have the up-most respect for the cast, crew and everyone who played a part in creating these movies. I have seen these films in a completely different light. I realised how much I had taken the filming process for granted.

For Example – the wand boxes in Olivanders Wand Shop – 17,000 boxes are in that shop. Every single one made by hand, every single one with a different name. All hand crafted and hand finished. Now, looking back on the film, you only see about 40 boxes? But all 17,000 were in that shop!
Looking at the movie differently? Yeah, me too!

The star gazer in Dumbledore’s office? The most expensive prop to create in the whole anthology of movies. Yet, it is never used, and is only seen in the background. The attention to detail is unfathomable – the lengths the crew went to create Harry’s world, Hogwarts etc is second to none. I was completely blown away. And every corner you go round is something new. Something else to blow your mind!
Bearing in mind, some museums you go to, have replicas of the props. Here, you see the real thing! The actual clothes worn by the actors, the wigs, the prosthetics, wands, cups, beds, shoes, anything that was touched, sat on, slept in, ate from – its there. The real deal. Its incredible to think that some of the most amazing actors and actresses have touched the things that are a few feet away.
And the thing I loved most – the ability to enter the sets. Some places have barriers and make you stand 6 feet away so you have to zoom in on your camera to get a decent shot. Here? You can walk the floors, smell the paint. Get up close and personal with the set. Of corse you cant touch anything – that’s massively frowned upon! But you feel like you become part of the movie – because you have walked the floors that Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have walked.

I would recommend this tour to anyone! The staff advise 3 hours to fit everything in. We were in the studio for 5 hours and I personally could have stayed longer!

As with any attraction, there is a gift shop – and it was just as incredible as the tour itself!
So here are a few shots of some of the things I purchased!


My favorite student from the films (I haven’t read the books…yet!) is Luna Lovegood. Her quirky, mad personality is a reflection of my own. She is beautifully misunderstood – and just so different, I instantly connected with her.
So as a small treat to myself, I brought a replica of her wand.
Now the books say (as I was told) that her wand is of unknown wood with an unknown core, as it was made for her by Olivander, as a thanks for her kindness and comfort in the Malfoy Manor dungeons.
After snooping for more information, the wand is still of unknown origin, but is possibly made from Oak with a Phoenix Feather in its core, measuring 13.5cm.
I will not say how much I spent on the wand, as I know that some people have received them as presents (…hi mum!) But I think it was a very reasonable price for a collectible item such as this.
Word of warning however – be prepared for the more popular wands to be sold out. Steve’s sister wanted Hermione’s wand – out of stock! The more popular wizards (as you would expect) go quite quickly. So be prepared for possible disappointment, if there is one in particular you are after. That said, they can be ordered from the website!

I also got my little man a present…Image

It’s Fang! Hagrid’s dog!! Luke loves rolling around on the floor with Fang – and he is so soft! The cuddly toy department wasn’t large – the gift shop was primarily books…but I couldn’t leave without getting my little man something. I hope one day, Ill be able to take him to the studios, so he can experience it for himself. I know he’ll be a fan!


Steve got himself a cushion to chill with in the evenings. We like to spend evenings together on the sofa, to relax and unwind (and to watch the HP movies again!)

When I asked him which house he would be wanted to be sorted into, he wanted Gryffindor (obviously), so we got a Claret and Gold pillow! Incredibly soft, and to be out of bounds of our dribble monster! Its so soft and comfortable, and just looks so nice in any room.Image

So, if you ever feel the need to go to the Harry Potter Studios, – just do it! It’s an incredible day out! So much to see and take in!
Make sure you charge your camera fully, take a spare battery if possible, and comfy shoes (as its a lot of walking!)

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the books or the films – its the experience of being on a film set, behind the magic. The tour has opened my eyes to how much work goes into a movie – and I would quite happily go again!

I honestly can’t describe how amazing it was to go and see all of the things I fell in love with on screen. Try it! Its fantastic!

Thanks for reading guys. Have a great day!

Love Harriet xxx