It’s An ELF Day

Every now and then, I like to use one make up brand when I get ready. Granted, it doesn’t happen often, as I have many different brands. Sometimes I like to wear ‘high end’ brands, sometimes I wear my favourite brands.
But today, I decided that I only wanted to wear ELF.
(this is only a fraction of my entire ELF collection…)

For those of you who haven’t yet been exposed to the wonder that is Eyes Lips Face (ELF), you don’t know what you are missing! The prices and quality of their products are second to none, and make them one of the best make up brands on the market.
Now, before I get started, I am not being paid or sponsored to write this post. All opinions given are strictly my own as a make up and cosmetic fanatic!

I started going through my extensive make up collection, which took me ages due to the crazy amount of products I have!! (We are seriously looking at 30+ different blushes and possibly 300+ eye shadows?)

So I chose the Maximum Coverage Concealer, in Porcelain, as a base (not necessarily as a foundation, but just to lighten my skin and cover any problem areas) I absolutely LOVE the thicker consistency of this concealer – it makes application so much easier than some of the more watery products that are available. My skin looks awake and my darker areas look lighter and less….problemy! I love this concealer!

As an extra coverage for the dark circles under my eyes, I used the All Over Color Stick in Apricot Beige. This has been my ‘go to’ concealer for years – probably since my first ELF shopping trip about 4 years ago! Again, the coverage is amazing – it massively lightens up all of my dark circles and blends perfectly so it doesn’t look cakey or blotchy. Its a wonderful product and will always be on my list of favourite products.

To set all of my make up, I used the High Definition Powder, in Clear. This powder leaves such an amazing feel on my skin. My face feels smooth, it reduces shine and makes my skin look and feel flawless. I actually won this powder on a giveaway on Facebook, which I was so grateful to receive. It is a wonderful powder, and applies perfectly. Another product I would definitely recommend was in your make up collection!!

For eyes, I primed my lids with the Sheer Eye Lid Primer. Another product I have owned since my first huge online shop in 2010! It is yet another product that applies perfectly and blends smoothly. Being sheer, it blends to an invisible layer, and makes any eye shadows I apply last all day and really helps to amplify the colour of the shadow.

I used the Neutrals palette for my eyes today – something about neutral eyes in the winter makes my make up seem warmer and I can wear a more dramatic lip if desired.
I used the lightest shade on my eye lid, inner corners and brow bone. I wanted to highlight the high points on my face, as well as applying a neutral shade. The shimmery brown shade covered the lid, and the darkest shade was applied into the outer corners. I love wearing smokey eyes in the winter – reminds me of bonfires and warm winter nights.

I lined my eyes with the Mineral Eye Liner, in Black. I have never been able to apply eye liner, but over the last few months I have been practicing really hard and now feel confident. The mineral line is amazing – the products feel incredible to apply, and they hold throughout the day. I own quite a lot of ELF products – please let me know in the comments if you would like me to do my top products!!

I applied the ELF blush to my cheek bones – this blush is beautiful isn’t it? It is in the colour Fuchsia Fusion.
This blush has been a favourite of mine for a long time – it brings so much colour to my cheeks, making me look really healthy and rosy! I have often been complimented by my colour when wearing this blush…the pigmentation is incredible and the staying power is equally as wonderful!

I finished my eye look with the 3-in-1 Mascara. This mascara lengthens, defines and volumises my lashes – which is what is says on the tin…well, tube.
The wand has a bulb on the end to ensure maximum coverage on all lashes, top and bottom. The wand makes it so incredibly easy to even apply the mascara into the inner corners of the eye – you know, the really hard ones that are impossible to get to! Its fantastic, and the one thing I love about it is the fact it doesn’t transfer under my eyes…which inevitably makes my darker circles look even darker!

I finished my make up with the Lip Stain in the colour Heart Breaker.
This stain is absolutely beautiful – and it does amazingly well at lasting for hours! Its such a gorgeous colour – it is beautifully natural looking and is very nourishing, and as a bonus, the clear gloss is non-sticky! Hurrah!!

Have you got a favourite make up brand?!

Thanks for reading, what can only be described as another essay….I write as I talk. And I talk a lot!!

Love Harriet xxx



So my mum and dad are off on their holibobs and Steve, Luke and I have offered to move in and look after the house whilst they are away. (well, Steve and I did, Luke just produced spit bubbles and giggled!)
We met up for a coffee on Saturday, went over the ‘house rules’ before their departure, and said our goodbyes. However, mum and I obviously hit the sales again, and headed into Primark to see what we could find.

I spent the last of my Christmas money…the problem with me, is I have a comfort zone when it comes to clothes – vest tops and jeans are my forte (and I’m rarely in anything else, due to these ways I’ve set myself into!)
I decided, its high time I branched out a little, and spread my little wings into the world of fashion.
I have NEVER been into the latest trends…I have always walked to the beat of my own fashion drum, so finding clothes in the treasure trove of Primarni was so much fun for me.
As you cans see however, I still purchased a few of the items I am familiar with, but I have tried my hand at a few different items. (which may well be the ones that disappear into the back of my wardrobe, without a trace, until the next time I have a big clear out).

So lets look at the things I got!!


First off, a jumper – basic, but comfortable. Not even slightly warm, but its smart. I like the fact it is long enough in the arms for me! lol – its back to those cold wrists again!!



My typical comfort zone vests – I decided to go pink, as (and I quote from Steve) I have enough black and white in my wardrobe to make a movie. So I went for a few different colours – but why break away from the norm? I’m going to be doing some clothes shopping from Pull and Bear soon, and I will add some colour to that shopping basket – but for the cheap and cheerful stuff, I stick with what I know!!


OK, so this is NOTHING like anything I have in my clothing ‘collection’…Its all mesh and netting – which looks amazing on! Its a high-low too, so its incredibly flattering, and the wide material hides all of my frumpy bits!!


Yup, another black and white item, BUT, its a shirt, not a vest. Thus meaning I managed to find something different!! Go me!!


Isn’t this shirt adorable? My name is Harriet, and I am a ‘tweetaholic’ Yup, I tweet a lot – come and say hi! @HarrietR1984…I love this shirt, though they only had it in a small – it may become my PJ shirt if its not wearable in social situations, but I’m excited to try…

CONFESSION – I have a morbid fear of changing rooms – its the embarrassment of handing clothes back to the assistants, saying they dont fit, and running away because your self esteem has plummeted, and you want to escape the ‘you really thought you could fit into that before you tried it’ judging eyes – no? Maybe its just me??

I also got a few things for my little monkey – only some new joggers (as he is out growing all of his trousers) and a few shirts on the sale rail…



My favorite purchase of the day however, was this jumper…


I LOVE IT!! I got it in a size that is WAY too large for me, because it was in the PJ section, so its a nice lounging top…I dont care/mind if its a Christmas shirt – I think of it as a winter top…I’m wearing it as I type – it’s warm and I can snuggle into it. Perfect for mornings too…when the heating hasnt quite kicked in and I don’t fancy having a fight with my dressing gown ties!

Anyhoo, I have waffled on for long enough – as always, thanks for reading. Ill be back soon!!!

Night Night, Harriet xxx


Superdrug NYC Haul

So I went into Superdrug the other day, as I wanted a gorgeous Peacock blue/Teal shade for my toe nails. I was very silly and chewed all of my finger nails off…’You were doing so well’ I hear you all cry! Well, yes I was. But then trying to move house with a (then) 11 month old…pretty stressful. So one day, I went into the lounge after settling Luke for his nap, looked at the room full of boxes, broke down and chewed every nail off. It was pure stress related. Anyhoo, I am in the process of re-growing them – I’ve done it once, I can do it again!

This is what I came out with….just looking for a nail varnish!!


I headed over to Barry M, they had a very generous offer of 2 polishes for £6. Well I found the shade I wanted, and then a dark rosy pink for the other one. I wasn’t actually looking for 2!

As I wandered round the various stands, Maybelline, Sleek, MUA, Rimmel…I stopped off at NYC after remembering I was actually out of loose powder. It was here, I spotted the exact same shade of nail varnish…for a fraction of the price. To be honest, I always wear socks, so I dont see the point in painting my nails anyway, but I prefer to buy cheaper varnishes…for that reason!

So, I did my usual, and grabbed loads of other things too!

First, my mousse foundation. I love this foundation – and it gives the amazing coverage of a concealer, so I apply it for both uses. Sometimes, I just use it as a concealer! Its incredible…strongly recommend if you are after a 2 in 1 product that is light and airy! I love it! This product has been a part of my morning make up routine for months!!


Then I grabbed the loose powder – had to make sure I got that as that was on my hit list. This powder is very similar (I think) to the loose powder from Natural Collection – however it feels lighter, and smells like talc! It gives a wonderful finish and hides any shine!! Another favourite!!


I also picked up a new product to try – the Skin Matching Illuminizer…I must admit, I am so choosy with my foundations – but look at the price!! I couldn’t pass it up! Plus the packaging is pretty slick and I fell in love! To try the product, imagine wearning a foundation and add a liquid highlighter to it – I refer here to Benefit High Beam…its another amazing 2 in 1 product…I love it so far!


Another eye shadow?? Really – I have so many! And only 2 eyes!! BUT, this palette is specifically aimed at people with brown eyes, to accentuate and highlight the eyes!! I am in love with this little palette – the eye shadows are smooth and have incredible blendability….is that a word? Is now!! The colours are very flattering and have a little shimmer to make them perfect for day or night!!


Lastly, the 2 nail varnishes….Both absolutely gorgeous, although the camera does them no justice what so ever – the peacock blue is perfect, and an exact dupe for Barry M’s Teal…I am incredibly happy to finally own a polish this shade – and the pink one was doe to the fact it had silver shimmer in it. I think I was a magpie in another life – I am attracted to shiny things!!!



This was an incredibly long post – so thanks for sticking with it! If you have got this far, a medal and certificate are on their way to you now!!

Let me know what you buy next time you go shopping!!

Love Harriet xxx


New Look Haul

I’ve just had a shower – song of choice?? McFly’s Star Girl.

So I went shopping the other day, hit the January sales in New Look to treat myself to some bargains. I haven’t really treated myself to anything in a long time, and as I was lucky enough to be given some money for Christmas, I took full advantage. I’m such a bad influence, as my mum ended up buying things too – but we had fun!

So I know its naughty, but I went to the maternity section. To be fair, once I had Luke, my tummy is pretty saggy – I didn’t tone up, nor do I feel I can, as I am so lazy and have no oomph to make a difference! So I went in, looking for some of their vest tops and large slouchy jumpers to throw on in the evenings to chill in front of the TV or whilst playing Skyrim.


No such luck, but I did come across this gorgeous butterfly shirt, which doesn’t look like a maternity shirt when it’s on. I love it – and Steve has said he wants to take me out to dinner, so I guess I have my outfit sorted!! An absolute bargain at £9!!

I did however, find my comfort zone and stocked up on vest tops and sleeveless shirts. Even in the winter, I don’t wear sleeves, unless it’s a hoodie or a coat. I just don’t like sleeves!!
So here are the ones I got – see a theme? I didn’t realise I had got predominantly green items until I got them home and took photos of them! Oops!! Good job I like green!




I also got this B-E-A-Utiful pair of brown leather boots! I have been after a pair of brown boots for so long, but because I am tall and have size 8 feet, finding shoes to fit is a nightmare! (Hands up is this is a familiar story for you!)
These were an absolute steal!! £15, down from £34.99!! I love a good deal, and this one is exceptional!
They are also in wide fit, to accommodate for my large calves, and they are so unbelievably comfortable! Well done New Look!! Hats off!


Lastly, a few accessories and jewelry – how cool are the socks? Now remember, this is me, so wearing a matching pair of socks is unheard of. SO, I chose the 3 most obscure pairs that would look amazing when muddled up! I can’t wait to wear the blue daisies with the pink unicorns!! My mum treated me to this cosy pair of grey woolen gloves, which are long in the arm…my abnormally long arms and stupid short sleeves on coats means I always get cold wrists! But these gloves are quite long, meaning I can have completely warm arms! Hurrah!



A few pieces of jewellery to add to my abnormally large collection, although sorry for the photos being so out of focus! (Would you believe this is the best attempt out of 8?)
I love little dainty studs, so I went for this 3 pair set – perfect for any occasion!



Have you hit the sales? What did you get?

Thanks for reading, Love Harriet


Christmas Presents 2013

As a disclaimer before I get started on this post, I am in no way bragging. A few people have asked me to share the presents I received for Christmas. Just wanted to mention that before I get hate or negativity!!

So…the last few weeks have been eventful – with the very fast arrival of Christmas (which really did spring out of nowhere!) and Steve dislocating his shoulder after slipping on the wet pavement as he left work. This was the day before Christmas Eve, and he has been in a sling ever since. It was more gutting for him as he dislocated his right arm, which is a pain as he is right handed. Still, watching him opening his Christmas presents with one hand was sort of amusing. And cutting his food for him is giving me good practice for when Luke is in that stage of his development! (Sorry Steve!)

As usual, I was posed with the question back in October/November time what I wanted for Christmas. And, as usual, I was stumped. I never know what I want! I’m a nightmare…always have been. (Apart from one year when I was about 6, when I cut the Argos catalogue into pieces, and apparently asked for a lawnmower, drum kit, set of saucepans and a dishwasher!)
I always ask for a diary – one thing I cannot live without. I live for my diary – dates of outings, appointments for Luke, and hopefully interviews (soon…)

I chose my own diary as I can be picky…a gorgeous pink leather bound Filofax-esque diary, which is a page per day, which makes it easier if I need to scribble down addresses, phone numbers or invoice numbers if I manage any sneaky online shopping!

2014 Diary

Apart from that, I had made a wish list on Amazon of things I wouldn’t mind having. Steve gave the list to family members, and I was so excited to see 70% of my list wrapped in the beautiful Christmas paper.

I want to say a huge thank you to the my gorgeous friend Eilidh (known as Curlybobofelia on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram…go follow her!!!) She very kindly sent me some gorgeous Lip Glosses and Malteasers, and was even wonderful enough to send Luke a present too. She is a truly amazing human being, and I am so thankful for her kindness. She really is a one in a million friend and I am proud to have her in my life! Thank you so much honey bee xxx

17 Glosses Luke

Here is a photo of my gorgeous gifts! A big BIG thank you goes out to my Mum, Dad, Steve, Granny & Gramps for getting me these wonderful presents.

Christmas Presents

I was thrilled to finally have the Harry Potter books! I have always been a huge lover of the movies, but I had never read the books. After visiting the Warner Brothers Studio in August last year, I have been obsessed. So to finally own the books, I was ecstatic when I opened them! I also got some of the films I have been desperate to see, so I am so happy to own Monsters University, Oz and Pitch Perfect – as well as looking forward to having a shooting session on the new Tomb Raider!

Harry Potter
DVDs and Games

I told Steve that I wanted to learn more about the history of the world. (In a ball park) I am almost 30, and I know little to nothing about the 2nd World War, history of the British Monarchy, Space travel…I want to broaden my mind and become better educated in the things that made the world what it is. So Steve went above and beyond to get me material to learn about the events that changed the course of history. A book on the war, DVDs about all the NASA Apollo missions and maps and posters of the British Royal family and world history time lines. I am so excited to have these, as I know it will help me understand more about things….I feel I should already know!

Educational Books NASA

I also want to learn some new skills…so my beautiful sister in law and her husband got me a ‘knit your own scarf’ set, which I cannot wait to try! I won’t tell anyone I’ve started it either, in an attempt to impress! (I hope I have the patience for it!)

Knitting and Pitch Perfect

Steve’s dad, truly wonderful man, knows about my inner child so got me a colouring book an set of felt pens as a little extra to the money and gorgeous blouses. Thanks!!

Colouring Book & Pens Julian McDonald Blouse & Silk Scarf

We went to Steve’s Aunt and Uncles for Boxing Day, where I received even more beautiful and wonderful presents – I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family. So this is what I received from them…Nails Inc polishes (I HAVE to grow my nails out again…) and the most hilarious book I have ever read, The Logo Billionaire game, which is quite easily the BEST game I have ever played…you have to get your hands on this if you can…and some gorgeous make up! (Which I shall be doing a separate post on, as I think everyone should own this brand!!)

Make Up Nails Inc & Book Logo Billionaire Game

I cannot express my thanks for all of the amazing things I received for Christmas. What did you get? I hope Santa was amazingly kind to all of you and you all had the best day!

Thanks for reading – please let me know what else you would like to see from me? Would you be interested in seeing what Luke got for his first Christmas?

Take Care xxx


2014 Resolutions

There is a feeling of embarrassment as I write this post! My last blog post was on 16th September 2013…which you will agree, was a long time ago! I’m sorry!
For those of you who don’t remember me, I’m Harriet! I was doing YouTube videos under the name of Harriet1984, although my last video was in July!

Firstly, I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I can’t believe its 2014 already – my baby boy is 5 days off of being 1! I’m not too far off from having a year old bubba, which is a scary thought, as it only seems like yesterday I was on the labour ward!

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? It was Luke’s first one, and was he spoilt? We have had trouble trying to find places to keep all of his new toys and clothes. Time for a clear out me thinks!!
We spent Christmas Eve with my Mum & Dad, before spending Christmas night and Boxing Day with Steve’s family. It was a lovely way to spend the festivities – and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful presents I received.
I shall do a separate post on my Christmas presents, if this is something you would be interested in. Just leave me a comment!!






So 2014, I have decided, will be my year to show the world what I am made of. I intend to finally come off of maternity leave and get a job. I have been working with children for long enough to know the importance of having some separation with your child. And I have been with Luke every day for the past year.

I know that lots of people start resolutions in the New Year, and most of them don’t make it past the second week of January. However, I intend to keep to as many of my resolutions as possible, and push myself to my full potential in everything I do. I am not scared to admit I am a lazy person – I don’t see anything through. I quit my driving lessons because I couldn’t do it – If I can’t achieve something, I am very fast to give up on things if they don’t go my way. I’m not a perfectionist, but I like things to get done the way I want them to! I’m crazy.
I didn’t complete my childcare qualification because I was too scared to chase it up. When we moved house from Basingstoke to Glastonbury, I didn’t re-enrol on my childcare course. So I failed that too.

So this year, I am going to push myself to make sure I complete my resolutions, because I feel I owe it to myself to finally complete something. (And I want Luke and Steve to be proud of me!)

So, my resolutions are simple, but achievable…which is kind of the point!

1) To read – I haven’t added any books to my reading list in a few years, and I want to finish at least 1 book! I have started 3….I need to finish at least one! So I am challenging myself to read at least 5 books, by this time next year! Any more than that is a complete bonus, so 5 is a good number to start on!
2) To give blood – I have always had a phobia of needles, but since having Luke and going through many blood tests and glucose tests, I have had to endure many syringes since January 2013. So I shouldn’t really have anything wrong with needles now. So I want to do something for other people…and donate blood to help those in need. I want to give 100% in everything I do, but maybe not at this!
3) To lose weight – one that most people would make on the first of the year…every day for me is a diet. I have a constant battle with my weight, and I would love to fit into a smaller size in time for my 30th birthday. SO – I am setting a personal goal to drop at least 2 dress sizes by July…Do-able if I am strict with myself. Chocolate ban it is then!
4) To write a journal – something I have never done, but if I can’t blog on here every day, which would be amazing, I would love to read back in the years to come and see what mischief I got up to!
5) To get a mortgage. Ok, so this one may be a little harder, and the only one of my resolutions that has a small barrier to achieving – but I believe it can be done. I would love to spend next Christmas in my own home. I just hope the housing market stays stable to enable us to reach our goal!

I know this has been a long post, with no real structure or substance. But to all of those who have taken the time to read this, thank you! One of my other ‘things’ to do this year will be to keep up to date on this blog. Maybe not every day, but at least weekly if I can!!

And I have just been watching the news….stay safe in this awful weather!!