Christmas Presents 2013

As a disclaimer before I get started on this post, I am in no way bragging. A few people have asked me to share the presents I received for Christmas. Just wanted to mention that before I get hate or negativity!!

So…the last few weeks have been eventful – with the very fast arrival of Christmas (which really did spring out of nowhere!) and Steve dislocating his shoulder after slipping on the wet pavement as he left work. This was the day before Christmas Eve, and he has been in a sling ever since. It was more gutting for him as he dislocated his right arm, which is a pain as he is right handed. Still, watching him opening his Christmas presents with one hand was sort of amusing. And cutting his food for him is giving me good practice for when Luke is in that stage of his development! (Sorry Steve!)

As usual, I was posed with the question back in October/November time what I wanted for Christmas. And, as usual, I was stumped. I never know what I want! I’m a nightmare…always have been. (Apart from one year when I was about 6, when I cut the Argos catalogue into pieces, and apparently asked for a lawnmower, drum kit, set of saucepans and a dishwasher!)
I always ask for a diary – one thing I cannot live without. I live for my diary – dates of outings, appointments for Luke, and hopefully interviews (soon…)

I chose my own diary as I can be picky…a gorgeous pink leather bound Filofax-esque diary, which is a page per day, which makes it easier if I need to scribble down addresses, phone numbers or invoice numbers if I manage any sneaky online shopping!

2014 Diary

Apart from that, I had made a wish list on Amazon of things I wouldn’t mind having. Steve gave the list to family members, and I was so excited to see 70% of my list wrapped in the beautiful Christmas paper.

I want to say a huge thank you to the my gorgeous friend Eilidh (known as Curlybobofelia on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram…go follow her!!!) She very kindly sent me some gorgeous Lip Glosses and Malteasers, and was even wonderful enough to send Luke a present too. She is a truly amazing human being, and I am so thankful for her kindness. She really is a one in a million friend and I am proud to have her in my life! Thank you so much honey bee xxx

17 Glosses Luke

Here is a photo of my gorgeous gifts! A big BIG thank you goes out to my Mum, Dad, Steve, Granny & Gramps for getting me these wonderful presents.

Christmas Presents

I was thrilled to finally have the Harry Potter books! I have always been a huge lover of the movies, but I had never read the books. After visiting the Warner Brothers Studio in August last year, I have been obsessed. So to finally own the books, I was ecstatic when I opened them! I also got some of the films I have been desperate to see, so I am so happy to own Monsters University, Oz and Pitch Perfect – as well as looking forward to having a shooting session on the new Tomb Raider!

Harry Potter
DVDs and Games

I told Steve that I wanted to learn more about the history of the world. (In a ball park) I am almost 30, and I know little to nothing about the 2nd World War, history of the British Monarchy, Space travel…I want to broaden my mind and become better educated in the things that made the world what it is. So Steve went above and beyond to get me material to learn about the events that changed the course of history. A book on the war, DVDs about all the NASA Apollo missions and maps and posters of the British Royal family and world history time lines. I am so excited to have these, as I know it will help me understand more about things….I feel I should already know!

Educational Books NASA

I also want to learn some new skills…so my beautiful sister in law and her husband got me a ‘knit your own scarf’ set, which I cannot wait to try! I won’t tell anyone I’ve started it either, in an attempt to impress! (I hope I have the patience for it!)

Knitting and Pitch Perfect

Steve’s dad, truly wonderful man, knows about my inner child so got me a colouring book an set of felt pens as a little extra to the money and gorgeous blouses. Thanks!!

Colouring Book & Pens Julian McDonald Blouse & Silk Scarf

We went to Steve’s Aunt and Uncles for Boxing Day, where I received even more beautiful and wonderful presents – I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family. So this is what I received from them…Nails Inc polishes (I HAVE to grow my nails out again…) and the most hilarious book I have ever read, The Logo Billionaire game, which is quite easily the BEST game I have ever played…you have to get your hands on this if you can…and some gorgeous make up! (Which I shall be doing a separate post on, as I think everyone should own this brand!!)

Make Up Nails Inc & Book Logo Billionaire Game

I cannot express my thanks for all of the amazing things I received for Christmas. What did you get? I hope Santa was amazingly kind to all of you and you all had the best day!

Thanks for reading – please let me know what else you would like to see from me? Would you be interested in seeing what Luke got for his first Christmas?

Take Care xxx


3 thoughts on “Christmas Presents 2013

  1. Some lovely gifts there. You got one of my all time favourite present colouring book and pens. That is something I have gotten every year since I could hold a pen. (now in my late 30’s).

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