New Look Haul

I’ve just had a shower – song of choice?? McFly’s Star Girl.

So I went shopping the other day, hit the January sales in New Look to treat myself to some bargains. I haven’t really treated myself to anything in a long time, and as I was lucky enough to be given some money for Christmas, I took full advantage. I’m such a bad influence, as my mum ended up buying things too – but we had fun!

So I know its naughty, but I went to the maternity section. To be fair, once I had Luke, my tummy is pretty saggy – I didn’t tone up, nor do I feel I can, as I am so lazy and have no oomph to make a difference! So I went in, looking for some of their vest tops and large slouchy jumpers to throw on in the evenings to chill in front of the TV or whilst playing Skyrim.


No such luck, but I did come across this gorgeous butterfly shirt, which doesn’t look like a maternity shirt when it’s on. I love it – and Steve has said he wants to take me out to dinner, so I guess I have my outfit sorted!! An absolute bargain at £9!!

I did however, find my comfort zone and stocked up on vest tops and sleeveless shirts. Even in the winter, I don’t wear sleeves, unless it’s a hoodie or a coat. I just don’t like sleeves!!
So here are the ones I got – see a theme? I didn’t realise I had got predominantly green items until I got them home and took photos of them! Oops!! Good job I like green!




I also got this B-E-A-Utiful pair of brown leather boots! I have been after a pair of brown boots for so long, but because I am tall and have size 8 feet, finding shoes to fit is a nightmare! (Hands up is this is a familiar story for you!)
These were an absolute steal!! £15, down from £34.99!! I love a good deal, and this one is exceptional!
They are also in wide fit, to accommodate for my large calves, and they are so unbelievably comfortable! Well done New Look!! Hats off!


Lastly, a few accessories and jewelry – how cool are the socks? Now remember, this is me, so wearing a matching pair of socks is unheard of. SO, I chose the 3 most obscure pairs that would look amazing when muddled up! I can’t wait to wear the blue daisies with the pink unicorns!! My mum treated me to this cosy pair of grey woolen gloves, which are long in the arm…my abnormally long arms and stupid short sleeves on coats means I always get cold wrists! But these gloves are quite long, meaning I can have completely warm arms! Hurrah!



A few pieces of jewellery to add to my abnormally large collection, although sorry for the photos being so out of focus! (Would you believe this is the best attempt out of 8?)
I love little dainty studs, so I went for this 3 pair set – perfect for any occasion!



Have you hit the sales? What did you get?

Thanks for reading, Love Harriet


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