So my mum and dad are off on their holibobs and Steve, Luke and I have offered to move in and look after the house whilst they are away. (well, Steve and I did, Luke just produced spit bubbles and giggled!)
We met up for a coffee on Saturday, went over the ‘house rules’ before their departure, and said our goodbyes. However, mum and I obviously hit the sales again, and headed into Primark to see what we could find.

I spent the last of my Christmas money…the problem with me, is I have a comfort zone when it comes to clothes – vest tops and jeans are my forte (and I’m rarely in anything else, due to these ways I’ve set myself into!)
I decided, its high time I branched out a little, and spread my little wings into the world of fashion.
I have NEVER been into the latest trends…I have always walked to the beat of my own fashion drum, so finding clothes in the treasure trove of Primarni was so much fun for me.
As you cans see however, I still purchased a few of the items I am familiar with, but I have tried my hand at a few different items. (which may well be the ones that disappear into the back of my wardrobe, without a trace, until the next time I have a big clear out).

So lets look at the things I got!!


First off, a jumper – basic, but comfortable. Not even slightly warm, but its smart. I like the fact it is long enough in the arms for me! lol – its back to those cold wrists again!!



My typical comfort zone vests – I decided to go pink, as (and I quote from Steve) I have enough black and white in my wardrobe to make a movie. So I went for a few different colours – but why break away from the norm? I’m going to be doing some clothes shopping from Pull and Bear soon, and I will add some colour to that shopping basket – but for the cheap and cheerful stuff, I stick with what I know!!


OK, so this is NOTHING like anything I have in my clothing ‘collection’…Its all mesh and netting – which looks amazing on! Its a high-low too, so its incredibly flattering, and the wide material hides all of my frumpy bits!!


Yup, another black and white item, BUT, its a shirt, not a vest. Thus meaning I managed to find something different!! Go me!!


Isn’t this shirt adorable? My name is Harriet, and I am a ‘tweetaholic’ Yup, I tweet a lot – come and say hi! @HarrietR1984…I love this shirt, though they only had it in a small – it may become my PJ shirt if its not wearable in social situations, but I’m excited to try…

CONFESSION – I have a morbid fear of changing rooms – its the embarrassment of handing clothes back to the assistants, saying they dont fit, and running away because your self esteem has plummeted, and you want to escape the ‘you really thought you could fit into that before you tried it’ judging eyes – no? Maybe its just me??

I also got a few things for my little monkey – only some new joggers (as he is out growing all of his trousers) and a few shirts on the sale rail…



My favorite purchase of the day however, was this jumper…


I LOVE IT!! I got it in a size that is WAY too large for me, because it was in the PJ section, so its a nice lounging top…I dont care/mind if its a Christmas shirt – I think of it as a winter top…I’m wearing it as I type – it’s warm and I can snuggle into it. Perfect for mornings too…when the heating hasnt quite kicked in and I don’t fancy having a fight with my dressing gown ties!

Anyhoo, I have waffled on for long enough – as always, thanks for reading. Ill be back soon!!!

Night Night, Harriet xxx


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