What’s on my IPhone?

I thought this would be a fun post, and give you the opportunity to look a little deeper into my life!! My phone goes everywhere with me. I’m likely to be buried with it, as it’s never not on me personally. I’m addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and check these all in succession, about 20 times a day!

So to start, let’s look at my Lock Screen…


Although the IOS 7 is beautiful, the lock screen photos now have an automatic zoom feature, meaning all the photos I want to use of Luke have him hidden behind the time! So this photo is of both my boys, having a snuggle!

I have a password on my phone which is…..haha! Just kidding…


So here is my home screen. As you can see, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all together! I have a folder for games, my calendar (which is rarely used) and my email.

Which games do I have? Well let’s have a look!!


I’ve got my biggest addiction and most played game, Covet Fashion…which is amazing if you like playing dress up! You have to get it to experience it…and add me, because we’ll both get bonuses! Haha.
Other games in there, which are less regularly played, but usually in the car, or in the bath.
Sadly, I also have a Skyrim app, as I am currently being physically forced off of the PS3, as I cannot put the game down! It’s my evening down time…shooting bandits with arrows and dragons with a crossbow. Oh yes, it’s amazing!

Next is my 2nd page of things, which has a folder of practicality, in order of Things I Don’t use, to Things I Use Less Often Than Never




That is a tad of a lie – I use Whatsapp, check the news and am on IMDB practically every day!! Vine is pretty fun too, although I’m not sure I fully understand it yet.

Then there’s my shopping folder – the dangerous one!
Amazon, EBay, New Look, H&M, Forever21? Bad Harriet…It’s annoyingly easy to look at the sales, and the next thing you know you have a postman with a bag of stuff!



And lastly, the photography folder – mainly apps for my Instagram, to make my photos look good! Haha….


Bit of a short blog today, and incidentally, I thought it would be appropriate to upload this one done my iPhone!

What do you have on your phone? Any app recommendations?!

Thanks for reading.
Love H xxxx


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