My Everyday Make Up – A Little Chat and Review

Good evening, you lovely people!!

I hope you have had a good day, and being that its Friday, a good week! I was supposed to take Luke for a hospital appointment today, which apparently was cancelled and rearranged, and after 16 minutes on the phone to the appointment help desk, 35 minutes on a bus, and countless steps walked around town, trying to burn time….I am finally home and ready to write. The weekend officially begins now, and I am raring to go…with my tea and digestive biscuits! So hardcore!!

So, people say that you have to use a product a few times to like it….does everyday for 6 months count? I’ve been applying my make up in the same way for half a year, as my job doesn’t need me to wear a lot – so my look is relatively natural on a daily basis. I think I can safely give a solid review on these products…6 months of wear = roughly 183 days. Yep, I know these products like the back of my heavily swatched hand!!

So when I get ready in the mornings, I set myself up on my bed, usually perusing Facebook or Instagram (follow me by the way, I’m forever posting…my link is to the right of the screen….go and follow me!!) Sometimes I’ll watch YouTube or play Candy Crush…But I start with foundation. My utter favourite foundation is the Essence Mousse Foundation in Matt Ivory 04. Its a gorgeous consistency – Its a lightweight mousse, but gives a very high level of coverage. I use the tiniest bit, and it goes such a long way. I literally touch the brush into the top of the mousse and apply it, particularly under my eyes as the coverage is amazing (I know I’ve already said that, but I am going to rave about it!) As I am aware, the Essence range is available in Wilkinson, I haven’t yet seen it anywhere else, but that’s not to say it isn’t in other stores. If you see it, please invest in it. The foundation is available in a range of colours to suit a variety of skin tones, and its very affordable at a price of ¬£3.80. What’s not to love?



My next stop is concealer. I have 50 shades of dark under my eyes, and literally need as much concealer I can legally get away with. This not only makes me look less tired, but also ensures I don’t scare the bejeesus out of the babies I look after! My concealer of choice is the E.L.F All Over Colour Stick in Apricot Beige. OMG!!! This concealer is the most amazing product I have EVER used on my under eye circles. This concealer is literally my holy grail product, and I would rave about this until the end of time. I have had this since my first ELF haul back in 2008 – LONG time for me to love and loyally use a product. (I have been re-purchasing it, not actually had this exact stick for 9 years…that’s just wrong!)
I originally purchased this online, but ELF has wonderfully found its way into Superdrug, so this incredible little gem is just a few minutes away!! Never again will I be without!IMAG6184

I then set my foundation with the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. This little beaut of a product has been my go to powder for a long time. Its very light wearing, sheer and leaves my skin feeling smooth and sets everything perfectly. I find it to be light enough to be able to layer for a fuller coverage in problem areas – but its a lovely light, talc-like formula which is just wonderful to use. (Be aware of slight fallout though…my shirt is forever getting snowed on, but if that’s the only drawback, its safe to say its a pretty awesome product!)IMAG6185

Now to add a little colour to my cheeks – otherwise I’m pale as anything. My bronzer of choice is the MAC pressed powder in Dark. I think its supposed to be a setting powder for people with darker skin tones, but it works perfectly for me as a bronzer. (It’s a personal preference!) Anyway, this is one of the only MAC products I own, and I purchased it from CCS (Cosmetics Company Store) in Portsmouth – a make up addicts heaven!! The prices are all cut, and the store is usually full of discontinued lines, which can allow buyers to get their hands on harder to find products. Well, I was like a child in a toy shop, and Steve was so wonderful and let me peruse EVERYTHING!! (Thanks babe!)IMAG6186IMAG6187

When I want a natural look, I’ll always go for the Naked Palette. This was kindly sent to me by my gorgeous friend Hannah, who I still idolise to this day! I love the natural and neutral colours this palette contains, making it a fabulous go to product the whole year round. I combine ‘Naked’ with ‘Smog’ for the perfect brown smokey eye, and this is pretty much my signature look – so if you ever see me, I’ll most likely be wearing that!IMAG6188

I then finish off the look with the Collection Extreme Bold Eyeliner. Its in Black, and I love the utter versatility of this product – take a look at the different lines you can create with this pen…Bold or Thin line, giving you the opportunity to change your liner from soft to dramatic with just a tilt of the pen. Beautiful!! (However, I don’t really have a steady hand, so sometimes my eyeliner looks a little like an ECG, but I do try!)IMAG6189IMAG6190

So there it is – a run down of my daily products, with a little essay about each one…This is my daily make up routine, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk to you about each step. Like a mini review…or many mini reviews as this would appear to be.

Thanks for reading this – let me know which products you always reach for…6 months is a long time to use the same make up – but lets be honest, anyone who uses the same things over and over and over and over and over probably proves a love for them!

Love Harriet xx


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