Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo Review

Well hello there… And a happy new year to you all. I hope Christmas was wonderful to you all and you were all spoilt rotten, and I’d like to wish you all the love and happiness for 2018.

My new years resolution is to create more videos and more posts on here. I’ve got a new phone and some apps that will help me achieve this… She says!

So in light of this, I am writing a blog on my thoughts of the Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo that I recently received in my December Birchbox. I’ve started doing videos again, so please check out my channel to see what goodies I got in that.

The shampoo is a sample size, 40ml, and claims to deep cleanse and rejuvenate… Now, I’m not overly fussy when it comes to hair care. I don’t usually read reviews or take notice if adverts on TV. Truth is, I believe them all to be false advertising anyway… A mirror shine to your hair you can see someone’s reflection in it? Please.

However, I am a firm believer of trying products in order to get the full experience… Or some jibberish like that. I’d actually had a tough day at work, so I was keen to try this shampoo as it’s kind of a special treat.

The scent of the shampoo is refreshing and not overpowering. It’s a clear formula that felt quite light when I first applied it. I felt the lather instantly. Now I’m not being paid or sponsored to write this, but it was actually amazing. The shampoo says it removes build up of products – I don’t use a lot of producta in my hair ordinarily, but this morning was a cheat so I threw in the dry shampoo and left it there.

When I was rinsing the shampoo out, my hair was literally squeaking it was that clean!! This is quite a big deal for me, and I think some people will know what I am talking about. Haha!!

Overall, a very impressive product that I am glad to have tried, and am thankful to Birchbox for sending it in December’s box. Thank you!!

Would you be interested in seeing a post about the contents of my Birchboxes, or are you just happy for little reviews? Please let me know!!

Love and hugs xxx


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