All About Me!

Name: Harriet

Location: Surrey

Age: Over 21, not yet 40

Favourite Made Up Color: Nudes and Naturals, Browns, Golds, Bronze etc…

Top 3 TV Series: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Elementary, Once Upon a Time

Favourite Super Hero: Captain America

If I found £10, what would I buy?: Probably something for Luke!

Most Memorable Holiday: I have 3…1) My honeymoon in Mauritius and 2) Portugal where I swam with dolphins and 3) Our Cruise!

Favourite Meal: Lasagne, chips and garlic bread

Drink of Choice: Tea and Cider (Not in the same cup!)

Most Visited Online Shop: ELF

Favourite Song:Through The Barracades by Spandau Ballet

Favourite Film: Forrest Gump


This is me by the way…Hi! So nice to put a face to a name. My name is Harriet and I’ll be your Blog Host for today! Please tip your waitress and remember to try the cheese!177


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