Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo Review

Well hello there… And a happy new year to you all. I hope Christmas was wonderful to you all and you were all spoilt rotten, and I’d like to wish you all the love and happiness for 2018.

My new years resolution is to create more videos and more posts on here. I’ve got a new phone and some apps that will help me achieve this… She says!

So in light of this, I am writing a blog on my thoughts of the Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo that I recently received in my December Birchbox. I’ve started doing videos again, so please check out my channel to see what goodies I got in that.

The shampoo is a sample size, 40ml, and claims to deep cleanse and rejuvenate… Now, I’m not overly fussy when it comes to hair care. I don’t usually read reviews or take notice if adverts on TV. Truth is, I believe them all to be false advertising anyway… A mirror shine to your hair you can see someone’s reflection in it? Please.

However, I am a firm believer of trying products in order to get the full experience… Or some jibberish like that. I’d actually had a tough day at work, so I was keen to try this shampoo as it’s kind of a special treat.

The scent of the shampoo is refreshing and not overpowering. It’s a clear formula that felt quite light when I first applied it. I felt the lather instantly. Now I’m not being paid or sponsored to write this, but it was actually amazing. The shampoo says it removes build up of products – I don’t use a lot of producta in my hair ordinarily, but this morning was a cheat so I threw in the dry shampoo and left it there.

When I was rinsing the shampoo out, my hair was literally squeaking it was that clean!! This is quite a big deal for me, and I think some people will know what I am talking about. Haha!!

Overall, a very impressive product that I am glad to have tried, and am thankful to Birchbox for sending it in December’s box. Thank you!!

Would you be interested in seeing a post about the contents of my Birchboxes, or are you just happy for little reviews? Please let me know!!

Love and hugs xxx


My Everyday Make Up – A Little Chat and Review

Good evening, you lovely people!!

I hope you have had a good day, and being that its Friday, a good week! I was supposed to take Luke for a hospital appointment today, which apparently was cancelled and rearranged, and after 16 minutes on the phone to the appointment help desk, 35 minutes on a bus, and countless steps walked around town, trying to burn time….I am finally home and ready to write. The weekend officially begins now, and I am raring to go…with my tea and digestive biscuits! So hardcore!!

So, people say that you have to use a product a few times to like it….does everyday for 6 months count? I’ve been applying my make up in the same way for half a year, as my job doesn’t need me to wear a lot – so my look is relatively natural on a daily basis. I think I can safely give a solid review on these products…6 months of wear = roughly 183 days. Yep, I know these products like the back of my heavily swatched hand!!

So when I get ready in the mornings, I set myself up on my bed, usually perusing Facebook or Instagram (follow me by the way, I’m forever posting…my link is to the right of the screen….go and follow me!!) Sometimes I’ll watch YouTube or play Candy Crush…But I start with foundation. My utter favourite foundation is the Essence Mousse Foundation in Matt Ivory 04. Its a gorgeous consistency – Its a lightweight mousse, but gives a very high level of coverage. I use the tiniest bit, and it goes such a long way. I literally touch the brush into the top of the mousse and apply it, particularly under my eyes as the coverage is amazing (I know I’ve already said that, but I am going to rave about it!) As I am aware, the Essence range is available in Wilkinson, I haven’t yet seen it anywhere else, but that’s not to say it isn’t in other stores. If you see it, please invest in it. The foundation is available in a range of colours to suit a variety of skin tones, and its very affordable at a price of £3.80. What’s not to love?



My next stop is concealer. I have 50 shades of dark under my eyes, and literally need as much concealer I can legally get away with. This not only makes me look less tired, but also ensures I don’t scare the bejeesus out of the babies I look after! My concealer of choice is the E.L.F All Over Colour Stick in Apricot Beige. OMG!!! This concealer is the most amazing product I have EVER used on my under eye circles. This concealer is literally my holy grail product, and I would rave about this until the end of time. I have had this since my first ELF haul back in 2008 – LONG time for me to love and loyally use a product. (I have been re-purchasing it, not actually had this exact stick for 9 years…that’s just wrong!)
I originally purchased this online, but ELF has wonderfully found its way into Superdrug, so this incredible little gem is just a few minutes away!! Never again will I be without!IMAG6184

I then set my foundation with the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. This little beaut of a product has been my go to powder for a long time. Its very light wearing, sheer and leaves my skin feeling smooth and sets everything perfectly. I find it to be light enough to be able to layer for a fuller coverage in problem areas – but its a lovely light, talc-like formula which is just wonderful to use. (Be aware of slight fallout though…my shirt is forever getting snowed on, but if that’s the only drawback, its safe to say its a pretty awesome product!)IMAG6185

Now to add a little colour to my cheeks – otherwise I’m pale as anything. My bronzer of choice is the MAC pressed powder in Dark. I think its supposed to be a setting powder for people with darker skin tones, but it works perfectly for me as a bronzer. (It’s a personal preference!) Anyway, this is one of the only MAC products I own, and I purchased it from CCS (Cosmetics Company Store) in Portsmouth – a make up addicts heaven!! The prices are all cut, and the store is usually full of discontinued lines, which can allow buyers to get their hands on harder to find products. Well, I was like a child in a toy shop, and Steve was so wonderful and let me peruse EVERYTHING!! (Thanks babe!)IMAG6186IMAG6187

When I want a natural look, I’ll always go for the Naked Palette. This was kindly sent to me by my gorgeous friend Hannah, who I still idolise to this day! I love the natural and neutral colours this palette contains, making it a fabulous go to product the whole year round. I combine ‘Naked’ with ‘Smog’ for the perfect brown smokey eye, and this is pretty much my signature look – so if you ever see me, I’ll most likely be wearing that!IMAG6188

I then finish off the look with the Collection Extreme Bold Eyeliner. Its in Black, and I love the utter versatility of this product – take a look at the different lines you can create with this pen…Bold or Thin line, giving you the opportunity to change your liner from soft to dramatic with just a tilt of the pen. Beautiful!! (However, I don’t really have a steady hand, so sometimes my eyeliner looks a little like an ECG, but I do try!)IMAG6189IMAG6190

So there it is – a run down of my daily products, with a little essay about each one…This is my daily make up routine, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk to you about each step. Like a mini review…or many mini reviews as this would appear to be.

Thanks for reading this – let me know which products you always reach for…6 months is a long time to use the same make up – but lets be honest, anyone who uses the same things over and over and over and over and over probably proves a love for them!

Love Harriet xx


Pro Lipstick Kit – Freedom Naked Mattes Collection

Well folks, it’s apparently that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, it’s getting colder, evenings are darker…and I feel the need for snuffly socks, warm jumpers, candles and copious amounts of tea. I’m obviously talking about Autumn, and in Autumn, I feel an overwhelming desire to stock up on lipsticks…why, I don’t know, but it seems like the thing to do. Kind of like gloves in the winter and handbags that change dependable on the day of the week. It’s a done deal.

So when I went out with Luke yesterday (we had a mummy/son day) I had a peruse around Superdrug to see their offerings for this amazing season. I looked at the usual places, ELF, Collection, Sleek…my radar is set to these stands…but nothing overly jumped off the shelf at me. (Not literally, as that would be weird…)

That is, at least, until i walked past Freedom. Now, not buying make up as much as I used to, not by a long way, I haven’t really been too savvy on brands, so I had a good look at what Freedom had to offer. I was not disappointed. The colours were perfect for Autumn, and after searching almost everything, I was very controlled and only purchased some lipsticks. I found a box, containing 5 full sized lipsticks, for £5. Now, you don’t need to be a genius to work out the math…that’s £1 per lippie, and that’s an incredible price in today’s market. Prices have been on the up for a little while, with some major brands not succumbing to the cosmetic peer pressure, and have kept their prices the same, or have introduced deals to ensure you get the most for your money (not mentioning any names, but those who shop for make up regularly will know of whom I speak).


So I got the Naked Mattes Collection – 5 professional sized lipsticks, which are 3.2g. It makes me giggle that on the back of the box, it states For Adult Use and External Use Only…there were 6 other collections, so do pop into your local store or have a look online to see the others. Some were bolder colours, there was a pink collection….I should have got more…but I honestly couldn’t justify more lipsticks, in a collection that had been neglected over the years.

On first impressions, I am actually really blown away with the value for money. This would make a perfect stocking filler (or 5 if you wanted to split them out). Personally, I’m keeping all of them, as they are so beautiful.

The colours are gorgeous, wonderful colour pay off and pigmentation, with a very smooth feel. Being matte, they would compliment any look and can keep an au’natural effect to your make up.



2 . RawIMG_20170924_082749

3. ProtectIMG_20170924_082729

4. RealIMG_20170924_082704

5. TruthIMG_20170924_082641

I know some people would argue that darker shades are better for Autumn, but I guess it’s down to personal preference. I work in childcare, so the need to wear make up is not massively important…but with weekends and evenings, I prefer nude and natural make up. If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll know this to be true of me. Some things don’t change!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this – photos will follow soon (unless they’re already here, in which case, this is a pointless sentence!)

Have you tired these? What are your thoughts?

Love Harriet xxx



Oh, Hi Harriet!

So….I confess – I forgot about, and massively neglected this blog. It is only by pure chance that I remembered the password!
How have you all been? If you are still following this blog, I appreciate you so much, and apologise for making you wait around for so long. If you’re new here, or you’ve found my blog by accident…thanks for taking the time to read it! My name (for those who haven’t met me before, or have been waiting for a post, you have forgotten me) is Harriet, and I apparently neglect blog posts. I am 33…which is 3 years older since I posted last!! Oops!!

I have a 4, nearly 5 year old son, who has recently started school, and he is loving it! Luke is like a duck to water when he started, and now attends after school clubs as well…hes a gem. He got his first school record the other day, which beamed me with pride!!
My husband Steve is just the best, and will make me laugh until my jaw hurts. Hes ace.

So, where have I been you may be asking….

Basically, I have moved from Somerset (and have finally changed my ‘About Me’ section – which you can read if you want to learn more about me…the random stuff of course…and we have settled into our own little flat, which we own…we have a mortgage and everything…eek….and we have just been loving life. Its a poor excuse I know, but its the honest truth….But, having remembered the password to here, and the actual sheer existence of this blog, I shall be returning on a more regular basis! Mini fanfares to me!!!

Love you all….comment and let me know which blogs you would like – I’m looking to do reviews and general chatty gumph, Christmas ideas (when it gets there) and the occasional guest blog!! Time to make these ideas reality!!


Holiday Haulin’

Hey! Look at me!! I’m starting to get on board with this blog thingy! Aren’t you all lucky?!

So I am off on my holidays and have, of corse, been doing a spot of shopping in preparation.
Nothing too major – but I hit the sales and have found a few things to take away with me. I wanted to share!!
So firstly, to my holiday shop hot spot, Primark!

I grabbed a few things for myself, and for Luke. I know my boy has more clothes than I do. But just like me, I wanted him to have some new things to take on his holiday.

I really liked these T-shirts. I decided to get them in 18-24 months so he can grow into then and they will last him well into the summer. It always becomes difficult to know which size to get for babies as they grow so fast.
So to be on the safe side, I always go a size bigger!

Steve also found this Batman rain suit in Tesco! We are very excited about little man exploring the beach and not getting too wet and cold. With the added amazing bonus that is Batman!!! I love to explore rock pools and caves, looking for crabs and fish. I can’t wait for Luke to join me! He’s got his wellies…can we go now please??


Now my son is a HUGE fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which you can catch on Disney Junior….

So as this is his holiday too, I had to get him a suitcase!! This came from Amazon for £21, and also comes with a back pack, swimming bag and wallet! He is set!
We also found this awesome Jake sun hat! He will easily look like he is sponsored by Jake, but he loves him!!

Last thing for Luke is this gorgeous jacket my mum spotted in a charity shop this week. It still has the original JoJo Maman Bebe label on it, suggesting it has never been work. And the original price tag of £32. My mum got this jacket for £1.99! Charity shops are absolute treasure troves – I never leave one empty handed!


Now my stuff – which has an added game of ‘Spot the Theme’…

Firstly, this amazing Minneapolis Baseball inspired shirt – I have wanted one of these for ages! And I finally decided to give in and treat myself. It’s gorgeous! And a bargain at £8!!


Next, this Brooklyn long vest top – now if you are familiar with my YouTube videos, you’ll know I always wear 2 shirts – it’s a personal preference, but I love layering. Always have done. So this shirt will look perfect with a white, cream or black shirt underneath.


Can you see a theme yet? Maybe my next purchase will help…

USA inspired socks! I you know me, I muddle all of my socks together – and when they are of a similar theme like these, they don’t look too odd! Haha…

For some reason, I had a big America theme shop – and I didn’t actually realise until I got home and looked at my new things.

Also, check out my amazing Dalmatian pjs! I got them in a ridiculously large size – but I find Primark sizes to be smaller than other places anyway, plus some have a tendency to shrink slightly in the wash.

Also, the bigger they are, the longer they are in the leg – which is one feature I struggle with! I have a 35′ inside leg – I find it very hard to find trousers long enough!

We did some shopping in some charity shops too – I love reading on holiday – I’m not sure why I read when I’m away, but not when I’m at home. Odd.
So these books were £1 each! It’s unlikely I’ll finish one, although I’ll take the 2 thrillers just in case.


Lastly, a trip to Superdrug to stock up on shampoo and conditioner and some face packs. We’re going away with Steve’s family, so the possibility of a girly night with my beautiful sister in law made me get some trusty packets of my favourite mud packs. These were on 4 for 3 at 99p each!


So hopefully I’ll bring you another blog before I go away on my holiday. Maybe a review – I have so many products!
Any you’d like to see? Leave me a comment!!

Talk soon,
Harriet xxx


3 Product Make Up

So this blog post is going hand in hand with a blogger contest that has been launched by Superdrug. The challenge? To create a simple on trend look, using 3 make up products.
Just to clarify, I’m entering a contest run by them, not sponsored! I purchased the products used by myself!

Now Luke and I are popping out today, and anyone with kids will know how near impossible it is to get ready in a hurry, whilst keeping a bubba amused!
So, I chose one palette, a BB cream and a powder to keep everything in place. The weather is beautiful today, so I didn’t want to go to heavy, but I ended up with my always worn smokey eye!

So, starting off, I applied the Rimmel London Matte BB cream. This is a new purchase for me, and I love it! It does exactly what it says on the tube – perfectly matte! I don’t usually suffer with oily or shiny skin anyway, but sometimes I like to try new products to see if I like them. And this is a winner! It’s so light wearing and matches my skin tone beautifully (my shade is light) This product also has the bonus of SPF15, which is perfect as the sun is out!


To make sure my make up stays put, I set it all with another new product, the Collection Lasting Perfection Powder. It’s no secret that the Lasting Perfection range is hugely popular, and I personally love the concealer. But I saw this powder and decided to give it a go! It’s gorgeous!! The powder is ultra light, and smells like talc!! It has 16 hour wear too, which is fantastic if you want to keep your make up set all day! I went for the colour Medium, as I wanted to add a touch of colour to my face!


Finally, the eyes. With the challenge of only using 3 products, I decided on a palette, which I could be ‘safe’ with the colours, but use them in multiple ways.
So I used the NYX Champagne and Caviar palette – gorgeous for creating neutral and dramatic looks, and a perfect matte black that can be doubled up as a liner.
I used the pale pink and the glittery taupe to create the base colour, then smoked it out with the dark matte brown. This was then finished with the black shadow as the liner.
I don’t usually wear mascara, so I wasn’t bothered about not using one! And as for lips…well, I had to sacrifice something!! I’ll add something later!



So this is the final look!! It’s a little but of a pants photo, but you get the general idea!!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all in my next post!!




Simply Simple

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. Where on EARTH have I been?
Well, I have no real excuse as to my absence, but I can tell you that I am back today with a haul. A simple haul.
No really, a Simple Haul!


I went on a mad splurge the other week, as I was after a good skincare regime. I’m a very naughty girl, and I use make up remover wipes at night before bed. And that’s it. Bad Harriet!
Now I know I should be a LOT better and wash my face, moisturise, tone blah blah..
But I have this stupid and childish fear of splashing water on my face? So I don’t like to wash my face as the thought of voluntarily putting water on my face scares me a little.

However, being nearly 30 (which translates to nearly adult and human) I should stop being so pathetic, and actually wash my face and stop being such a baby. It’s only water.

Now, I have yet to try the face wash, for the reasons we have already covered. But the Day Cream and the Night Cream are absolutely incredible. I have never known anything to work for me as this pair of creams.


I have noticed SUCH a difference in my skin condition. My face feels softer, and isn’t showing the tell tale signs of being tired and stressed. And in the mornings, I apply the Day Cream before my make up, and my foundation is actually starting to look flawless and perfect! Obviously good all round!
I only use half a pump, as I find a whole pump to be a little too much? But half is just right for all over my face and down my neck.

I originally purchased the Rich Moisturiser from Wilkinson as they had a big sale on their Simple products.


But using it was like applying double cream to my face. It was far too thick, even applying a little was too much! It was incredibly sticky and didn’t blend well into my skin. It sort of sat on top, and my face felt sticky for ages afterwards. So my next visit to Wilkinson found the same Simple sale, so I purchased the Light Moisturiser. This, I find to be much better. It’s a lot thinner in consistency and absorbs into my skin much faster, so I don’t feel sticky and uncomfortable like I did with the Rich one.
Now this isn’t a bad thing? Some people may prefer a thicker cream. Me? Not so much. So buying the Light Moisturiser was the best choice for me.

Now, the BB Cream. Where to start with this!


In a nut shell, an UNBELIEVABLE product! It is actually incredible!
The colour I purchased is a Universal shade. Now I probably would have preferred a lighter shade, but I love the sun kissed look this foundation gives me. I actually look healthy, and like I have been away to some beautiful island where the sun shines all the time. In truth, I live in Surrey and it’s been raining for the last, what feels like, 8 months! There are very subtle glittery shimmers in the BB Cream too, which gives a beautiful hew to the skin. It’s lovely!!
I would recommend you trying this product – it’s lovely and nourishing and looks beautiful when applied. I only feel the need to use a little extra concealer as the coverage is pretty good. But for my own piece of mind, I do prefer wearing extra concealer anyway, especially under my eyes? But you may find you won’t need it.

This is only a small review. I would love to be able to review all of these products, but as there as SO many, I’ll have to do a separate review post for each.

Which one would you like to see next?
Have you tried any of the Simple range? Let me know how you get on

See you soon,
Harriet xxx