3 Product Make Up

So this blog post is going hand in hand with a blogger contest that has been launched by Superdrug. The challenge? To create a simple on trend look, using 3 make up products.
Just to clarify, I’m entering a contest run by them, not sponsored! I purchased the products used by myself!

Now Luke and I are popping out today, and anyone with kids will know how near impossible it is to get ready in a hurry, whilst keeping a bubba amused!
So, I chose one palette, a BB cream and a powder to keep everything in place. The weather is beautiful today, so I didn’t want to go to heavy, but I ended up with my always worn smokey eye!

So, starting off, I applied the Rimmel London Matte BB cream. This is a new purchase for me, and I love it! It does exactly what it says on the tube – perfectly matte! I don’t usually suffer with oily or shiny skin anyway, but sometimes I like to try new products to see if I like them. And this is a winner! It’s so light wearing and matches my skin tone beautifully (my shade is light) This product also has the bonus of SPF15, which is perfect as the sun is out!


To make sure my make up stays put, I set it all with another new product, the Collection Lasting Perfection Powder. It’s no secret that the Lasting Perfection range is hugely popular, and I personally love the concealer. But I saw this powder and decided to give it a go! It’s gorgeous!! The powder is ultra light, and smells like talc!! It has 16 hour wear too, which is fantastic if you want to keep your make up set all day! I went for the colour Medium, as I wanted to add a touch of colour to my face!


Finally, the eyes. With the challenge of only using 3 products, I decided on a palette, which I could be ‘safe’ with the colours, but use them in multiple ways.
So I used the NYX Champagne and Caviar palette – gorgeous for creating neutral and dramatic looks, and a perfect matte black that can be doubled up as a liner.
I used the pale pink and the glittery taupe to create the base colour, then smoked it out with the dark matte brown. This was then finished with the black shadow as the liner.
I don’t usually wear mascara, so I wasn’t bothered about not using one! And as for lips…well, I had to sacrifice something!! I’ll add something later!



So this is the final look!! It’s a little but of a pants photo, but you get the general idea!!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all in my next post!!




Simply Simple

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. Where on EARTH have I been?
Well, I have no real excuse as to my absence, but I can tell you that I am back today with a haul. A simple haul.
No really, a Simple Haul!


I went on a mad splurge the other week, as I was after a good skincare regime. I’m a very naughty girl, and I use make up remover wipes at night before bed. And that’s it. Bad Harriet!
Now I know I should be a LOT better and wash my face, moisturise, tone blah blah..
But I have this stupid and childish fear of splashing water on my face? So I don’t like to wash my face as the thought of voluntarily putting water on my face scares me a little.

However, being nearly 30 (which translates to nearly adult and human) I should stop being so pathetic, and actually wash my face and stop being such a baby. It’s only water.

Now, I have yet to try the face wash, for the reasons we have already covered. But the Day Cream and the Night Cream are absolutely incredible. I have never known anything to work for me as this pair of creams.


I have noticed SUCH a difference in my skin condition. My face feels softer, and isn’t showing the tell tale signs of being tired and stressed. And in the mornings, I apply the Day Cream before my make up, and my foundation is actually starting to look flawless and perfect! Obviously good all round!
I only use half a pump, as I find a whole pump to be a little too much? But half is just right for all over my face and down my neck.

I originally purchased the Rich Moisturiser from Wilkinson as they had a big sale on their Simple products.


But using it was like applying double cream to my face. It was far too thick, even applying a little was too much! It was incredibly sticky and didn’t blend well into my skin. It sort of sat on top, and my face felt sticky for ages afterwards. So my next visit to Wilkinson found the same Simple sale, so I purchased the Light Moisturiser. This, I find to be much better. It’s a lot thinner in consistency and absorbs into my skin much faster, so I don’t feel sticky and uncomfortable like I did with the Rich one.
Now this isn’t a bad thing? Some people may prefer a thicker cream. Me? Not so much. So buying the Light Moisturiser was the best choice for me.

Now, the BB Cream. Where to start with this!


In a nut shell, an UNBELIEVABLE product! It is actually incredible!
The colour I purchased is a Universal shade. Now I probably would have preferred a lighter shade, but I love the sun kissed look this foundation gives me. I actually look healthy, and like I have been away to some beautiful island where the sun shines all the time. In truth, I live in Surrey and it’s been raining for the last, what feels like, 8 months! There are very subtle glittery shimmers in the BB Cream too, which gives a beautiful hew to the skin. It’s lovely!!
I would recommend you trying this product – it’s lovely and nourishing and looks beautiful when applied. I only feel the need to use a little extra concealer as the coverage is pretty good. But for my own piece of mind, I do prefer wearing extra concealer anyway, especially under my eyes? But you may find you won’t need it.

This is only a small review. I would love to be able to review all of these products, but as there as SO many, I’ll have to do a separate review post for each.

Which one would you like to see next?
Have you tried any of the Simple range? Let me know how you get on

See you soon,
Harriet xxx


Unlimited Money Spendage

I asked on Twitter, possibly 3 months ago, which blog posts people would like to see. I suffer with writers block and needed some inspiration!

I had a reply from my beautiful friend Shelley (known on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as shellx85x…go and subscribe, follow and say hi – she really is lovely!)
Anyway, she asked me to do a post saying ‘If money was no object, what would I spend it on’?
I guess this is the ‘what would you do if you won the lottery’, but with Shelley’s beautiful twist on it.
I’ve been thinking long and hard, and I guess this post may make you understand me a little better! I’m an only child, though have been told by many people that I do not follow the usual ‘spoilt brat’ path that other only kids apparently take. I’m yet to meet a spoilt, selfish only child myself, but apparently that is what we are! Haha! I couldn’t be any further from that statement…
Growing up, I NEVER asked for anything – except Pop Up Pirate (which I still haven’t got, and I’m almost 30!)
All my friends would have the latest games, fashion, toys…I didn’t want any of it. When the PS1 was released with Crash Bandicoot, I was happy enough to still play on my SNES and draw pictures. It never bothered me that I didn’t own the latest Nikes, or didn’t have the best mobile phone on the market. Me, I get comfortable, and my mum&dad struggled to afford those things for me. I just grew to accept that. And in doing so, I learnt the value of money and how hard people have to work to earn it.
So in light of that, most of these answers are charitable and unselfish….OK, there may be a few things for me in there too!

So firstly, I would pay off my parents mortgage, and buy them a villa in the South of France. I want to ensure they are comfortable and happy, so I’ll chuck some money into their account too. It’s the least I can do for sticking with me, and putting up with me after all these years!!
I would do the same for Steve’s mum&dad and his sister and her husband (although they can have villas somewhere else!!)
For Steve, Luke and I, definitely a pinkmansion somewhere, with a design studio for Steve, and a garage stocked with a vintage Shelby GT 500 and a Aston Martin DBS, a games room and a separate toy wing for Luke.
(so that may be a little selfish…but money is no object! And this is my dream….)
I would have a dressing room and a make up room…filled with all my favourite brands (Urban Decay, MAC, Maybelline, ELF and NYC…just because I have unlimited money, doesn’t mean I’ll stop using the brands I trust and love!)

I’d obviously love to travel – a huge dream of mine is to go back to the USA and visit every state. And I would be on the next diamond encrusted, indoor heated swimming pool as standard, private jet available! (Which will obviously be stewarded by Ryan Reynolds and Johnny Depp – they’re close friends of mine!)
I’d also go to Japan, walk the Great Wall of China and see the 7 Wonders of the World. Seeing wild giraffes on the African Plains would certainly complete my bucket list and going back to Disney would tick off the place if my inner child – Plus Luke would love it! As would Steve!

A tonne of money would be donated to charities working hard to beat Cancer. We lost my wonderful Nanna to cancer 11 years ago, and I would love to help them succeed in their mission to rid the world of such a terrible and cruel disease.
Millions of people suffer with it everyday, and I would give them as much money as needed to help make a difference.

I would want to buy a big house somewhere, with the sole intent of turning it into a safe house for people with no where else to go. Ask Steve – this has been a dream of mine for years. To have a warm, safe building, where people could go to feel protected. Chefs would work around the clock to ensure these people have a full meal, warm beds and a place to play.
Children and young adults run away from home everyday – I would love to provide them with a place to go. For adults to escape abuse (physically and emotionally) or even to take a few hours to take a breather from tough family life.
When we lived in Glastonbury, there was nothing for the kids to do, no where for them to play. I’d give them a house with all the latest gadgets and toys, to give them something to do! Keep them off the streets in the cold and wet evenings, and give them a place they could hang out with their friends and socialise!
Dream of mine for years! I’d love to see that through!

Finally, I would love the ability to go in a submarine and journey down to the resting place of the RMS Titanic. I have been dubbed a Titanorac, as I am I love with the story, the history and the tragedy. This is the geek inside me talking, but the shocking story gets me every time. So I would love to see the wreck! Not in a morbid way…but the site is the largest graveyard in the world – and lives lost on that multitude, deserves some respect.
So in a nutshell, that’s my list. Short and sweet, but to the point!

Thank you so much to Shelley for setting me this challenge – it was really fun! I know I could have gone less creative and said I’d buy every MAC item, get a face lift or see Take That in concert…but that wouldn’t be me. However, if money was no object, Take That would certainly live in the East Wing of my pink Mansion…probably entertaining me after my face lift and helping to carry in all the carrier bags of MAC!

What would you spend an infinite amount of money on?
Let me know!!

Take care guys,
See you in my next post!! xxx


What’s on my IPhone?

I thought this would be a fun post, and give you the opportunity to look a little deeper into my life!! My phone goes everywhere with me. I’m likely to be buried with it, as it’s never not on me personally. I’m addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and check these all in succession, about 20 times a day!

So to start, let’s look at my Lock Screen…


Although the IOS 7 is beautiful, the lock screen photos now have an automatic zoom feature, meaning all the photos I want to use of Luke have him hidden behind the time! So this photo is of both my boys, having a snuggle!

I have a password on my phone which is…..haha! Just kidding…


So here is my home screen. As you can see, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all together! I have a folder for games, my calendar (which is rarely used) and my email.

Which games do I have? Well let’s have a look!!


I’ve got my biggest addiction and most played game, Covet Fashion…which is amazing if you like playing dress up! You have to get it to experience it…and add me, because we’ll both get bonuses! Haha.
Other games in there, which are less regularly played, but usually in the car, or in the bath.
Sadly, I also have a Skyrim app, as I am currently being physically forced off of the PS3, as I cannot put the game down! It’s my evening down time…shooting bandits with arrows and dragons with a crossbow. Oh yes, it’s amazing!

Next is my 2nd page of things, which has a folder of practicality, in order of Things I Don’t use, to Things I Use Less Often Than Never




That is a tad of a lie – I use Whatsapp, check the news and am on IMDB practically every day!! Vine is pretty fun too, although I’m not sure I fully understand it yet.

Then there’s my shopping folder – the dangerous one!
Amazon, EBay, New Look, H&M, Forever21? Bad Harriet…It’s annoyingly easy to look at the sales, and the next thing you know you have a postman with a bag of stuff!



And lastly, the photography folder – mainly apps for my Instagram, to make my photos look good! Haha….


Bit of a short blog today, and incidentally, I thought it would be appropriate to upload this one done my iPhone!

What do you have on your phone? Any app recommendations?!

Thanks for reading.
Love H xxxx


It’s An ELF Day

Every now and then, I like to use one make up brand when I get ready. Granted, it doesn’t happen often, as I have many different brands. Sometimes I like to wear ‘high end’ brands, sometimes I wear my favourite brands.
But today, I decided that I only wanted to wear ELF.
(this is only a fraction of my entire ELF collection…)

For those of you who haven’t yet been exposed to the wonder that is Eyes Lips Face (ELF), you don’t know what you are missing! The prices and quality of their products are second to none, and make them one of the best make up brands on the market.
Now, before I get started, I am not being paid or sponsored to write this post. All opinions given are strictly my own as a make up and cosmetic fanatic!

I started going through my extensive make up collection, which took me ages due to the crazy amount of products I have!! (We are seriously looking at 30+ different blushes and possibly 300+ eye shadows?)

So I chose the Maximum Coverage Concealer, in Porcelain, as a base (not necessarily as a foundation, but just to lighten my skin and cover any problem areas) I absolutely LOVE the thicker consistency of this concealer – it makes application so much easier than some of the more watery products that are available. My skin looks awake and my darker areas look lighter and less….problemy! I love this concealer!

As an extra coverage for the dark circles under my eyes, I used the All Over Color Stick in Apricot Beige. This has been my ‘go to’ concealer for years – probably since my first ELF shopping trip about 4 years ago! Again, the coverage is amazing – it massively lightens up all of my dark circles and blends perfectly so it doesn’t look cakey or blotchy. Its a wonderful product and will always be on my list of favourite products.

To set all of my make up, I used the High Definition Powder, in Clear. This powder leaves such an amazing feel on my skin. My face feels smooth, it reduces shine and makes my skin look and feel flawless. I actually won this powder on a giveaway on Facebook, which I was so grateful to receive. It is a wonderful powder, and applies perfectly. Another product I would definitely recommend was in your make up collection!!

For eyes, I primed my lids with the Sheer Eye Lid Primer. Another product I have owned since my first huge online shop in 2010! It is yet another product that applies perfectly and blends smoothly. Being sheer, it blends to an invisible layer, and makes any eye shadows I apply last all day and really helps to amplify the colour of the shadow.

I used the Neutrals palette for my eyes today – something about neutral eyes in the winter makes my make up seem warmer and I can wear a more dramatic lip if desired.
I used the lightest shade on my eye lid, inner corners and brow bone. I wanted to highlight the high points on my face, as well as applying a neutral shade. The shimmery brown shade covered the lid, and the darkest shade was applied into the outer corners. I love wearing smokey eyes in the winter – reminds me of bonfires and warm winter nights.

I lined my eyes with the Mineral Eye Liner, in Black. I have never been able to apply eye liner, but over the last few months I have been practicing really hard and now feel confident. The mineral line is amazing – the products feel incredible to apply, and they hold throughout the day. I own quite a lot of ELF products – please let me know in the comments if you would like me to do my top products!!

I applied the ELF blush to my cheek bones – this blush is beautiful isn’t it? It is in the colour Fuchsia Fusion.
This blush has been a favourite of mine for a long time – it brings so much colour to my cheeks, making me look really healthy and rosy! I have often been complimented by my colour when wearing this blush…the pigmentation is incredible and the staying power is equally as wonderful!

I finished my eye look with the 3-in-1 Mascara. This mascara lengthens, defines and volumises my lashes – which is what is says on the tin…well, tube.
The wand has a bulb on the end to ensure maximum coverage on all lashes, top and bottom. The wand makes it so incredibly easy to even apply the mascara into the inner corners of the eye – you know, the really hard ones that are impossible to get to! Its fantastic, and the one thing I love about it is the fact it doesn’t transfer under my eyes…which inevitably makes my darker circles look even darker!

I finished my make up with the Lip Stain in the colour Heart Breaker.
This stain is absolutely beautiful – and it does amazingly well at lasting for hours! Its such a gorgeous colour – it is beautifully natural looking and is very nourishing, and as a bonus, the clear gloss is non-sticky! Hurrah!!

Have you got a favourite make up brand?!

Thanks for reading, what can only be described as another essay….I write as I talk. And I talk a lot!!

Love Harriet xxx



So my mum and dad are off on their holibobs and Steve, Luke and I have offered to move in and look after the house whilst they are away. (well, Steve and I did, Luke just produced spit bubbles and giggled!)
We met up for a coffee on Saturday, went over the ‘house rules’ before their departure, and said our goodbyes. However, mum and I obviously hit the sales again, and headed into Primark to see what we could find.

I spent the last of my Christmas money…the problem with me, is I have a comfort zone when it comes to clothes – vest tops and jeans are my forte (and I’m rarely in anything else, due to these ways I’ve set myself into!)
I decided, its high time I branched out a little, and spread my little wings into the world of fashion.
I have NEVER been into the latest trends…I have always walked to the beat of my own fashion drum, so finding clothes in the treasure trove of Primarni was so much fun for me.
As you cans see however, I still purchased a few of the items I am familiar with, but I have tried my hand at a few different items. (which may well be the ones that disappear into the back of my wardrobe, without a trace, until the next time I have a big clear out).

So lets look at the things I got!!


First off, a jumper – basic, but comfortable. Not even slightly warm, but its smart. I like the fact it is long enough in the arms for me! lol – its back to those cold wrists again!!



My typical comfort zone vests – I decided to go pink, as (and I quote from Steve) I have enough black and white in my wardrobe to make a movie. So I went for a few different colours – but why break away from the norm? I’m going to be doing some clothes shopping from Pull and Bear soon, and I will add some colour to that shopping basket – but for the cheap and cheerful stuff, I stick with what I know!!


OK, so this is NOTHING like anything I have in my clothing ‘collection’…Its all mesh and netting – which looks amazing on! Its a high-low too, so its incredibly flattering, and the wide material hides all of my frumpy bits!!


Yup, another black and white item, BUT, its a shirt, not a vest. Thus meaning I managed to find something different!! Go me!!


Isn’t this shirt adorable? My name is Harriet, and I am a ‘tweetaholic’ Yup, I tweet a lot – come and say hi! @HarrietR1984…I love this shirt, though they only had it in a small – it may become my PJ shirt if its not wearable in social situations, but I’m excited to try…

CONFESSION – I have a morbid fear of changing rooms – its the embarrassment of handing clothes back to the assistants, saying they dont fit, and running away because your self esteem has plummeted, and you want to escape the ‘you really thought you could fit into that before you tried it’ judging eyes – no? Maybe its just me??

I also got a few things for my little monkey – only some new joggers (as he is out growing all of his trousers) and a few shirts on the sale rail…



My favorite purchase of the day however, was this jumper…


I LOVE IT!! I got it in a size that is WAY too large for me, because it was in the PJ section, so its a nice lounging top…I dont care/mind if its a Christmas shirt – I think of it as a winter top…I’m wearing it as I type – it’s warm and I can snuggle into it. Perfect for mornings too…when the heating hasnt quite kicked in and I don’t fancy having a fight with my dressing gown ties!

Anyhoo, I have waffled on for long enough – as always, thanks for reading. Ill be back soon!!!

Night Night, Harriet xxx


Superdrug NYC Haul

So I went into Superdrug the other day, as I wanted a gorgeous Peacock blue/Teal shade for my toe nails. I was very silly and chewed all of my finger nails off…’You were doing so well’ I hear you all cry! Well, yes I was. But then trying to move house with a (then) 11 month old…pretty stressful. So one day, I went into the lounge after settling Luke for his nap, looked at the room full of boxes, broke down and chewed every nail off. It was pure stress related. Anyhoo, I am in the process of re-growing them – I’ve done it once, I can do it again!

This is what I came out with….just looking for a nail varnish!!


I headed over to Barry M, they had a very generous offer of 2 polishes for £6. Well I found the shade I wanted, and then a dark rosy pink for the other one. I wasn’t actually looking for 2!

As I wandered round the various stands, Maybelline, Sleek, MUA, Rimmel…I stopped off at NYC after remembering I was actually out of loose powder. It was here, I spotted the exact same shade of nail varnish…for a fraction of the price. To be honest, I always wear socks, so I dont see the point in painting my nails anyway, but I prefer to buy cheaper varnishes…for that reason!

So, I did my usual, and grabbed loads of other things too!

First, my mousse foundation. I love this foundation – and it gives the amazing coverage of a concealer, so I apply it for both uses. Sometimes, I just use it as a concealer! Its incredible…strongly recommend if you are after a 2 in 1 product that is light and airy! I love it! This product has been a part of my morning make up routine for months!!


Then I grabbed the loose powder – had to make sure I got that as that was on my hit list. This powder is very similar (I think) to the loose powder from Natural Collection – however it feels lighter, and smells like talc! It gives a wonderful finish and hides any shine!! Another favourite!!


I also picked up a new product to try – the Skin Matching Illuminizer…I must admit, I am so choosy with my foundations – but look at the price!! I couldn’t pass it up! Plus the packaging is pretty slick and I fell in love! To try the product, imagine wearning a foundation and add a liquid highlighter to it – I refer here to Benefit High Beam…its another amazing 2 in 1 product…I love it so far!


Another eye shadow?? Really – I have so many! And only 2 eyes!! BUT, this palette is specifically aimed at people with brown eyes, to accentuate and highlight the eyes!! I am in love with this little palette – the eye shadows are smooth and have incredible blendability….is that a word? Is now!! The colours are very flattering and have a little shimmer to make them perfect for day or night!!


Lastly, the 2 nail varnishes….Both absolutely gorgeous, although the camera does them no justice what so ever – the peacock blue is perfect, and an exact dupe for Barry M’s Teal…I am incredibly happy to finally own a polish this shade – and the pink one was doe to the fact it had silver shimmer in it. I think I was a magpie in another life – I am attracted to shiny things!!!



This was an incredibly long post – so thanks for sticking with it! If you have got this far, a medal and certificate are on their way to you now!!

Let me know what you buy next time you go shopping!!

Love Harriet xxx