Holiday Haulin’

Hey! Look at me!! I’m starting to get on board with this blog thingy! Aren’t you all lucky?!

So I am off on my holidays and have, of corse, been doing a spot of shopping in preparation.
Nothing too major – but I hit the sales and have found a few things to take away with me. I wanted to share!!
So firstly, to my holiday shop hot spot, Primark!

I grabbed a few things for myself, and for Luke. I know my boy has more clothes than I do. But just like me, I wanted him to have some new things to take on his holiday.

I really liked these T-shirts. I decided to get them in 18-24 months so he can grow into then and they will last him well into the summer. It always becomes difficult to know which size to get for babies as they grow so fast.
So to be on the safe side, I always go a size bigger!

Steve also found this Batman rain suit in Tesco! We are very excited about little man exploring the beach and not getting too wet and cold. With the added amazing bonus that is Batman!!! I love to explore rock pools and caves, looking for crabs and fish. I can’t wait for Luke to join me! He’s got his wellies…can we go now please??


Now my son is a HUGE fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which you can catch on Disney Junior….

So as this is his holiday too, I had to get him a suitcase!! This came from Amazon for £21, and also comes with a back pack, swimming bag and wallet! He is set!
We also found this awesome Jake sun hat! He will easily look like he is sponsored by Jake, but he loves him!!

Last thing for Luke is this gorgeous jacket my mum spotted in a charity shop this week. It still has the original JoJo Maman Bebe label on it, suggesting it has never been work. And the original price tag of £32. My mum got this jacket for £1.99! Charity shops are absolute treasure troves – I never leave one empty handed!


Now my stuff – which has an added game of ‘Spot the Theme’…

Firstly, this amazing Minneapolis Baseball inspired shirt – I have wanted one of these for ages! And I finally decided to give in and treat myself. It’s gorgeous! And a bargain at £8!!


Next, this Brooklyn long vest top – now if you are familiar with my YouTube videos, you’ll know I always wear 2 shirts – it’s a personal preference, but I love layering. Always have done. So this shirt will look perfect with a white, cream or black shirt underneath.


Can you see a theme yet? Maybe my next purchase will help…

USA inspired socks! I you know me, I muddle all of my socks together – and when they are of a similar theme like these, they don’t look too odd! Haha…

For some reason, I had a big America theme shop – and I didn’t actually realise until I got home and looked at my new things.

Also, check out my amazing Dalmatian pjs! I got them in a ridiculously large size – but I find Primark sizes to be smaller than other places anyway, plus some have a tendency to shrink slightly in the wash.

Also, the bigger they are, the longer they are in the leg – which is one feature I struggle with! I have a 35′ inside leg – I find it very hard to find trousers long enough!

We did some shopping in some charity shops too – I love reading on holiday – I’m not sure why I read when I’m away, but not when I’m at home. Odd.
So these books were £1 each! It’s unlikely I’ll finish one, although I’ll take the 2 thrillers just in case.


Lastly, a trip to Superdrug to stock up on shampoo and conditioner and some face packs. We’re going away with Steve’s family, so the possibility of a girly night with my beautiful sister in law made me get some trusty packets of my favourite mud packs. These were on 4 for 3 at 99p each!


So hopefully I’ll bring you another blog before I go away on my holiday. Maybe a review – I have so many products!
Any you’d like to see? Leave me a comment!!

Talk soon,
Harriet xxx


My weekend Haul

In the true Harriet1984 tradition, I am here today with a haul. I went shopping with my mum, and I went a little crazy on things for my cheeky little man.

Luke is now 8 months old, and is easily fitting into 12month old clothes. Finding clothes for him is proving to be a nightmare. But, I was determined to find a few things that would benefit him in the Autumn, and into the Winter.

So the first place we went to was good old Primark, I have noticed people adding photos of bargains they had picked up, and I wanted to jump on that band wagon!



I grabbed a couple of shirts with long sleeves, and as my boy loves Mickey Mouse, I grabbed this shirt for £4. The Elmo shirt was a £1, along with the Little Guy, Big Attitude shirt. The long sleeved white shirt was a present from Nanny (my mum) who loves getting Luke things whenever she goes out!

Primark was its usual heaving self, so we quickly left to visit TKMaxx, which is another shop I love t pick up a bargain in.
I dont live anywhere near any of these stores, so I was very keen to jump in with the other bargain hunters to see what I could pick up!



All of these things for Luke came to £16, which is amazing.

Luke loves Disney channel, and we spend a lot of time snuggled on the sofa watching Mickey, Jake and Doc McStuffins. So when I spotted this book, I had to grab it! We looked at it before bedtime last night, and Luke was smiling at the pages. So for £4, I was impressed, as this book will keep him going for a few years yet!
The Mickey Mouse book I was semi-unimpressed with, due to the fact it is a ‘teach me drawing’ book, which Luke is obviously not ready for! But he loves looking at Mickey, and even gave the book kisses, so even if I put the book away for a little while until hes ready, this £3 bargain was definitely worth it!

When Luke had a doctors appointment last month, he was absolutely obsessed with the bead maze int he waiting room. I know that bead mazes are fabulous for fine motor skills, but Luke just likes to tip this maze upside down and lick the bottom of it! He’ll get used to it eventually! Still, another bargain at only £6!
The £3 zebra toy is awesome – it has a rattle, bells, beads, scrunchy things and its soft and durable, with an attachment to take it out and about. Luke loves exploring this toy, so I’m glad I picked it up! He has been playing with it for most of the weekend, so he seems to be happy with his new things! This also equals a very happy mummy!

Of corse, a weekend shopping wouldn’t be anything if I hadn’t have purchased a few little things for myself!

The Lauren Luke palette was an absolute steal at £5.99 – RRP of £25!
I have been huge fan of Lauren’s since I began watching her on YouTube. She is one of the most friendliest and down to earth people I have watched, and was very proud of her when she announced that she had started her own make up line! I was really excited to get my hands on this palette – I will upload a separate review on this palette of anyone would be interested! (Just leave me a comment below!)
The palette is in ‘Sultry Blues’ which is completely out of my comfort zone as I love neutrals, but i have worn this palette and the colours are phenominal! Very Happy Panda!

I also took a little trip to Boots to have a look at their beauty stuff – a favorite past time of mine!
I was very excited to pick up the Real Techniques Cosmetic Sponge – I LOVE the Real Techniques brushes and I cannot wait to try this one out!
The Baby Lips are added to my every growing collection – I was so excited to hear they were coming to the UK, so on this shopping trip, I picked up the Hydrate Balm and the Pink Punch. I now have 3 of the UK releases….3 down, 3 to go!

And I got myself a new nail color – the Maybelline Colot Show varnish in Burgundy Kiss. Its a beautiful color, and I would have posted a photo of my nails, but I am still a novice when it comes to painting my nails. It looks like Luke did them!

Have you brought anything lately? What did you get?

Love Harriet xxx



Lazy Saturday

Good evening!

So I’m laying in bed (wide awake as I’ve just watched Demolition Man, awesome!!!) and thought I would type a few lines on my iPhone as I’ve stupidly forgotten my laptop! Doh!

So what have you fine people been doing on your Saturday?
I always think Saturday to be the best day of the week. It’s lazy, it’s relaxing and it’s 1 of 2 days off!
Of corse, with me being on maternity leave, I have quite a few days off!!

We popped out this morning to choose Steve’s birthday present from his parents. He’s decided he wants a power saw…because man need tools!

Our little man has been thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents, who went to Primark and got him some more clothes. Seriously, this 7 month old not has more clothes than me!

I always find the clothes in Primark to be amazing, especially for kiddies. They grow so quickly, and body shape change continuously, so I think it’s better to buy clothes cheaper.
Coming from a child caring back ground, I know how easily clothes can get damaged, dirty and worn. So cheap is key!

Even though Luke is only 7 months old, he is comfortably in 9-12 month clothes as he is pretty big! His trousers are still a little loose, but the shirts are a perfect fit!

I’m sorry to be so….blah….for this post. I know it’s short and pointless, but rest assured I will have a longer blog for you on Monday. Any requests? Feel free to send them to me via here, or Tweet me!!

Have a great day my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to!

Fancy leaving me a comment?! Go on, it’ll make me so happy!!

Love Harriet xxx

These are the gifts from Lukes grandparents!! They are amazing!