Whats in my Bag?

OK, so for those of you who watch YouTube, you will know that pretty much every beauty guru has done the ‘Whats in my Bag’ tag. Me being no exception.
However, I find making videos for my channel (unless Im vlogging…) really quite difficult. So, now that Luke is asleep, I thought I would do the tag….in the form of a blog!
2 birds, 1 stone springs to mind right now!!



Firstly, lets take a second to appreciate the bag – I think she is beautiful!!
My bag is a medium, black Fiorelli bag, with white piped side detailing. Unfortunately, I think this particular one has been discontinued, but you may be able to pick one up in an outlet store or on Ebay.
I also can’t tell you how much it was, as it was a Christmas present from Steve in 2012. Since having Luke, I haven’t really used handbags because I put everything into the changing bag. But, I can now go back to my bags, as I carry a Jake and the Neverland Pirates backpack for Luke, and now my stuff wont fit in it!

What is in this bad boy I hear you ask? Lets have a look…


So, firstly, all the things I cannot leave the house without ; diary, phone, purse and keys.
~ The diary is from Calendar Club (RRP £7.99)
~ Phone is the iPhone 4S,
~ Purse is from United Colours of Benetton from TKMaxx (RRP £8.99)
and…..my key.


Then I have some smellies –
~ Simple deodorant,
~ Vaseline anti-perperant,
~ Impulse ‘Sweet Smile’ body spray and my signature scent,
~ Amor Amor by Cacharel.
Obviously, it is important to carry around these things, as I don’t like to smell!


This little collection of stuff is pretty random – (spot the fruit theme….which is in no way intentional!)
~ Hair brush,
~ Citrus scented antibacterial gel (RRP 99p from Wilkinson),
~ Lemony Flutter cuticle butter from Lush (although I use it as a hand cream and it smells delicious!!) RRP £…can’t remember!
~ Strawberry scented tissues, (RRP £1 for 10 packets…Poundland)
~ Sticky Fingers wipes (these are essential, being a mummy to a grub magnet!) These are from Tesco and retail at 89p
~ Chewing gum,
~ 2 pens, and
~ Bottle of water. (Although I have to be honest, I hate water…)


I am feeling quite proud of myself for only having 4 lip products in my bag at this particular time. I have to admit, its usually in double digits!! I am currently carrying;
~ Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
~ Maybelline Baby Lips – Intense Care
~ Revlon Colour Stay Lipstick in Creamy Coral
~ NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in Caramel Apple
I suffer with dry, cracked lips, so I never leave home without a lip product…or 4 it would seem!

and finally….some randoms odds and sods.


I have
~ Plasters…obvious reasons…
~ Heartburn tablets – I only occasionally suffer with the dreaded burn, but I carry them with me as a precaution,
~ Passport – I had an interview yesterday, and thought it might be useful…
~ Rubbish – because no handbag is complete without a little crap!!

So that is everything that is in my bag! Whats in your bag?

Thanks for reading!!
Love H xxxx


Lazy Saturday

Good evening!

So I’m laying in bed (wide awake as I’ve just watched Demolition Man, awesome!!!) and thought I would type a few lines on my iPhone as I’ve stupidly forgotten my laptop! Doh!

So what have you fine people been doing on your Saturday?
I always think Saturday to be the best day of the week. It’s lazy, it’s relaxing and it’s 1 of 2 days off!
Of corse, with me being on maternity leave, I have quite a few days off!!

We popped out this morning to choose Steve’s birthday present from his parents. He’s decided he wants a power saw…because man need tools!

Our little man has been thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents, who went to Primark and got him some more clothes. Seriously, this 7 month old not has more clothes than me!

I always find the clothes in Primark to be amazing, especially for kiddies. They grow so quickly, and body shape change continuously, so I think it’s better to buy clothes cheaper.
Coming from a child caring back ground, I know how easily clothes can get damaged, dirty and worn. So cheap is key!

Even though Luke is only 7 months old, he is comfortably in 9-12 month clothes as he is pretty big! His trousers are still a little loose, but the shirts are a perfect fit!

I’m sorry to be so….blah….for this post. I know it’s short and pointless, but rest assured I will have a longer blog for you on Monday. Any requests? Feel free to send them to me via here, or Tweet me!!

Have a great day my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to!

Fancy leaving me a comment?! Go on, it’ll make me so happy!!

Love Harriet xxx

These are the gifts from Lukes grandparents!! They are amazing!